4 1/2 Hours

 It’s been 4 and a half hours now,
  since she told me what she did.
  “I’m going this way,
  and you’re going that.”
  And brothers, it’s been like an eternity.
  I don’t why it hurts so much,
  since this was the second time around.
  But I guess we all must remember:
  “Whatever was going to hit us was going to hit,
  and whatever was going to miss us was going to miss.
  And whatever hit us was not going to miss,
  and whatever missed us was not going to hit.”
  So I ask Allah,
  to forgive me,
  and pardon her,
  and bless us both in the paths we take,
  and to bring us nearer to Him by them,
  and to never let us go astray.
  I pray that all my dua’s that I made for this,
  that Allah has answered them all…
  waiting for me in Jannah, Insha’Allah.
  And that when I see these treasures stored up for me then there,
  I will be among those who exclaim:

  “Ah! Would that that there remained not one of my prayers,
  that had ever been answered in the dunya!”

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