A beautiful and simple life

By Daud Mannion

A beautiful and simple life,
spent with a devout and knowledgeable wife,
thus for Allah I would live and learn,
thus its the life for which I yearn.

I’ll admit I’d care how she looks,
and perhaps even how she cooks!
Iman though most of all in her I do desire,
Iman that smolders like a warm homely fire.

In all I’d give my wife a say,
as long as she was devout and loved to pray,
equal in our worship and our work,
equal in hard effort and avoiding shirk.

Of boys and girls I’d want at least four,
unless my wife would like even more!
children to please both our eyes,
children one more treasure that Allah supplies.

Then after our Salat we’ve said,
in our tiredness to retire to bed,
then as lights out I would smile and yawn,
then that homely fire at night could keep me warm.

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