A Mother’s Gift

By Pat Teckelt

O You have given me the gift of Compassion.
Your concern for others took precedence over your own problems.
You were always able to put yourself in their place and to feel their pain.
Your example made me recognize the importance of human warmth and understanding.

You have given me the gift of Friendship.
Not only were you my best friend, but you extended your hand in friendship to many, expecting nothing in return.
If you saw a need, you didn’t wait to be asked.
I learned from you about the joy that comes from being a friend.
You have given me the gift of Love.
Your love was unconditional and freely given.
You taught me that the capacity to love has no limitations, that love is a self-perpetuating gift.

Many people love you for your generosity of spirit, but no one loves you more than I do. I will be eternally grateful for these gifts that have truly made my life worth living.