Al-Hatim: The Most Honored Shade on Earth


Al-Hatim is a round building in the shape of half a circle, one of its ends faces the Syrian corner and the other faces the western corner. It is covered with marble and what is between the northern wall of the Ka`bah and Al-Hatim is the well-known place called Al-Hijr (the Enclosure of Isma`il). Ibn Juraij was reported as having said, “Al-Hatim is the place between Ar-Rukn (the Corner) and the Station of Abraham on one part and Zamzam and Al-Hijr on the other.”

It was reported that Muhammad Ibn Suqah said, “While we were sitting with Sa`id Ibn Jubair in the shade of the Ka`bah he said: You are now sitting in the most honored shade on earth.”

Sufyan reported an old man called Wahb as having said that a man of his people got married to a woman whose mother asked him for one of his camels, but he refused. Whereupon, she (the mother) said, “I had suckled you both.” He immediately raised the issue to `Uthman Ibn `Affan, may Allah be pleased with him, who judged that she (the mother) should be put to oath at (the shade of) the Ka`bah that she had suckled them both. Then, it seems that she felt the grave dilemma she put herself in; so when they asked her to swear she refused and confessed that she only wanted to prevent him from getting married to her (daughter).

`Amr Ibn Dinar reported that one of the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “One should not be put to oath between the Station of Abraham and the Ka`bah regarding trivial matters; for I fear that people, afterwards, may belittle it.”

`Ikrimah Ibn Khalid reported that `Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn `Awf saw a group of people at the Station of Abraham and so he asked, ‘What is the matter?’ They replied, “A man is being put to oath.” He asked, “Is it by reason of bloodshed?!” They replied, “No.” He then asked, “Is it because of a large sum of money?!”

According to the Hanafi School of Thought, Al-Hatim is the place that encompasses Al-Midhab.

Ibn `Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “Al-Hatim is the wall.” Al-Muhibb At-Tabari commented on this saying that the wall refers to that of the Hijr of the Ka`bah. He added, “It was said that Al-Hatim is Ash-Shadhuran.”

Reason Behind That Name:

In his book “Shifa’ Al-Gharam,” Abu At-Taiyyb said, “It was so called as such because the Ka`bah was raised while it was left out without being built.” He added: It was said that it was called as such because the Arabs used to dress it with many drapes and leave them to wear out by the course of time.

1 – The Black Stone;

2 – Door of the Kaaba;

3. Gutter to remove rainwater;

4 – Base of the Kaaba;

5 – Al-Hatim;

6 – Al-Multazam (the wall between the door of the Kaaba and black stone);

7 – The Station of Ibrahim;

8 – Angle of the Black Stone;

9 – Angle of Yemen;

10 – Angle of Syria;

11 – Angle of Iraq;

12 – Kiswa (veil covering the Kaaba);

13 – Band of marble marking the beginning and end of rounds;

14 – The Station of Gabriel.