By Amina Mofassir

All things brilliant and mirthful
that an eye sees but a tongue cannot say,
the glowing sun that brightens up the day,
In the slanting silvery moon’s beams,
the twilight which softens the whole scene. Be it the joyous oceans or the billowy lake,
in the crystal dews of rain and the fluffy snowy flakes
Things that are near and far,
I see Oh the mighty Allah,
the magnificence of Thee. Among the radiant butterflies and the fragrant flowers,
the singing nightingale and the mirthful bowers. The tuft of peach blossomed trees,
that bend from side to side in the soft breeze.
The twinkling stars in the velvet of the sky,
in the clouds that float over mountains high. From the trifling to the enormous things of nature,
I see the depiction of the Mightiness of Thee my Creator. Oh Allah I bow down before Thy glorious throne,
the Mighty and the Ruler art Thee alone.
Thou art the Most Merciful and the Most Beneficient I
put my trust in thee The Sustainer of all the creations.
Guide me to the path of the righteous leading to the real Fa’laah.
let my heart find rest in Thy remembrance, my Allah!