At Least………..

By Bint Pandor

They say:

At least I pray 5 times a day
Good to know… Good to say

She says:

At least I cover all my hair
though my clothing bad… bout my scarf I care

He says:

At least my topee is on my head
no beard, pants low …….but my identity I dont shred

At least is all that we can say
At least we don’t follow
ALL the kuffar way

Sure we fib and we lie.. and we take some interest too
but not go deep as most others do

We know we are Muslims that is what counts
it is on that belief to Jannah we’ll mount

We live in an age.. we have to agree
compromise this deen a bit.. or else u see

We won’t be accepted, we’ll be cussed and be rot
our religion and deen will not be sought

Well the dread is yours Because of this ATLEAST of yours

On that dreadful day when u wake from clay
brushing the dust and frightened you’ll say

Oh my Lord I am Muslim I believed in u so
At least I accepted this faith from that of the foe

Send me to Firdous.. In Jannah, I’ll dwell
make my eternity.. save me from hell

He’ll say then

Well Firdous is for the righteous, who acted so I said
For you my servant, you will lie in hells bed
Till you realize you’ve wronged by not doing what I said
and the same to the others, whom also you led

Your punishment you’ll pay.. then u can enter Jannah when done
you can have the pleasure after, first pay for the fun

But My lord they will cry.. as they are fled into hells nile
Relax…. he will say.. ATLEAST its only for a little while.