Blinded By This World

Minds deluded
Lives Polluted
Fitnah Created
Our Lord Forsaken
Living in this world as if we’re blind ,
Not realizing that this is the time …

Ignoring the struggle we have Inside..
Allowing Shaitaan to rule our lives.

Letting this world to lead us astray ..
and some of us even forgetting how to pray .

Becoming weak and losing Iman
We have Fallen Into the Kafir’s Hand .

Letting him lead our Lives and teach us his ways
We started Treating Islam like it was ” Back in the days “
Like It has no significance in our lives today

What do we remember of those that lived before us today?
Do we ever look to their examples to show us the way?
Or are we like the rest and focus on the Kafir “civilized” way?

Being taught to Make money, then to break Money,
And in the end, all that matters is you have money.

If any of us that are caught in these ways..
Now is the Time to WAKE UP ,
Reach for our TAQWAA and hold our HEADS UP

Regain our Islam and our IMAN
Unite to Stand STRONGLY hand in hand

Brother’s and Sister’s In the eyes of Allah
Side by Side, Fearing ONLY ALLAH

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