Bonus Time

A company promises its employees a triple bonus, based on the production. Undoubtedly every employee will eagerly work overtime to meet the production target so that he may receive the triple bonus. Whatever he earns for the month, he will want to receive an extra cheque for three times that amount at the end of the year. For this he will slog as hard as he can.

The month of Ramadhaan is super bonus time. Every fardh (compulsory) action performed is rewarded with a bonus of 70 times the normal reward. For every nafil (optional) action, one is granted a reward equivalent to a fardh action. The latter reward must be understood in context. For instance, tahajjud Salaah (performed in the last part of the night) is an extremely great nafil ibadah. The rewards are tremendous. However, a lifetime of tahajjud cannot equal the reward of one day’s fajr Salaah. Yet in the month of Ramadhaan Allah Ta’ala grants a reward equivalent to a fardh action for every nafil action performed. It could therefore be safely said that one tahajjud Salaah in the month of Ramadhaan is worth more than a lifetime of tahajjud at other times!!! The same applies for every other nafil action such as recitation of the Qur’an, zikr, recitation of Durood Shareef, etc. Therefore, maximum effort should be made in this Mubaarak month to acquire these multiplied rewards.

Hereunder are the virtues for some nafil Salaah which one should endeavour to perform, especially in Ramadhaan..


Ishraaq: It is performed approximately 15 minutes after sunrise. The one who performs two rakaats of ishraaq salaah gets the reward of performing one Haj and Umrah.

Salaatud Duha (chasht): This Salaah is performed when the sun has risen high (approximately midway between sunrise and zawaal). Among its virtues is that it is sadaqah for all the 360 joints in the body. One’s (minor) sins are also forgiven. A minimum of 2 rakaats and a maximum of 8 rakaats can be performed.

Awwabeen: Six rakaats of nafil prerformed after Maghrib are known as awwabeen. One’s (minor) sins are forgiven, even if they are equal to the foam on the sea. According to a narration of Sahih ibn Khuzayimah, one is granted a reward of 12 years of ibadah.

Tahajjud: This Salaah is performed in the last part of the night. This is the most virtuous of all the salaahs after the fardh Salaah. It is a means of one’s forgiveness and a means of safety against committing sins. The time of tahajjud is also a special time for the acceptance of duas. It is very easy to perform this salaah in Ramadhaan due to waking up for sehri. However if one cannot wake up at tahajjud time, the virtues will still be attained (though to a little lesser degree), by performing at least two rakaats nafil after the Esha salaah with the intention of tahajjud.



Those who are in the Haramain Shareefain during Ramadhaan must take full advantage of the time in those Mubarak lands. The rewards already mentioned are further multiplied in Makkah Mukarramah by a hundred thousand!! This applies for every salaah, zikr, tasbeeh, etc. The calculators cannot compute the reward to be earned. Thus one should spend the maximum time in ibadah in the Haram Shareef. Wasting one’s time in the bazaars should be strictly avoided. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the ability to fully engage ourselves in good deeds in Ramadhaan. Aameen.

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