Intimate Aspects of Marriage 

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf encapsulates mutual rights of the husband and wife to treat each other well and with kindness
Shaykh Hamza Yusuf encapsulates mutual rights of the husband and wife to treat each other well and with kindness

(transcript of talk by Shaykh Hamza) In terms of what engenders and facilitates these relationships, one is really important, is Islamic etiquette so it’s very important just to remember that just like your brother you’re supposed to greet them with a smile. You’re supposed to do these things you do with people outside – sometimes […]

Restoring and maintaining intimacy in marriage

Couples can return to the state of intimacy from conflict, if, and only if, they stop hurting each other and return to meeting each other’s emotional needs again. What is intimacy? Intimacy is closeness to each other. In an intimate state, spouses communicate smoothly, rush to do whatever it takes to make each other happy, […]

When is it Allowed to resume Sexual Activity after Menses?

(in the pure Tradition of the Prophet pbuh) When she becomes clean of any menstrual blood, and the flow stops completely, it is allowed for them to resume sexual activity after she washes the place where the blood had been, or performs wudhuu’, or takes a complete bath. Whichever of these three alternatives she does makes […]

Marital Etiquette

by Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein, Ph.D. Introduction Islamic education is comprehensive, covering all fields of study. It has been innovative in the fields of marital relationships and has provided useful and appropriate teachings to married couples. These teachings provide Muslims with guidelines to keep them within appropriate limits, because exceeding the limits to any extreme causes […]

Married Couple Watching Pornography

Mufti : Sheikh Ahmad Kutty  Question :  Does Islam permit a Muslim to practice oral sex of any kind, and watch pornographic movies with one’s legally married spouse? Could you please enlighten me on this question. I just got married and would like to know if it is okay to engage in the above practices as […]

The Necessary Components of the Marital Process

This article, discusses some of the important issues to consider when entering the bond of marriage. This includes the marriage contract and witnesses to the marriage. It is imperative to remember that whatever endeavor a person engages in, his or her intention should be purely for the sake of Allah (SWT). For something as serious […]

Eye Language in the Bedroom

Ahlam Yankssar Several scientific studies have approved that lovers usually look at each others eyes when they speak and not their lips or nose or tongues. Despite silence, the few seconds glance could say what lots of words couldn’t say as the wife can read lots of love, passion, sympathy and affections in these glances. […]

Sex as Sadaqa

by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood “Women shall have rights similar to the rights upon them; according to what is equitable and just; and men have a degree of advantage over them.”  (Quran, 2:216) They do indeed! This passage of the Holy Quran was revealed in connection with the rights of women following a divorce, but it […]

Conjugal Love in Islam

1. Sexual relations are for the pleasure of both the husband and the wife and for the procreation of children. Sexual intercourse is not limited to vaginal penetration but includes other forms of sexual caressing, such as kissing and fondling of various kinds. 2. Nothing should be done that is offensive or harmful to either […]