Soldiers break silence on Israeli tactics

By Deborah Cassrels   27 Aug 2013 “THEY call me a traitor,” says Roni Hammermann, 73, an Israeli activist from Machsom (Checkpoint) Watch, which monitors Israel’s West Bank checkpoints for human rights violations against Palestinians. Israeli soldiers are edgy as masses of Palestinians queue at the largest military checkpoint, Qalandiya, between northern Jerusalem and Ramallah. […]

Arsenal of Hypocrisy
Arsenal of Hypocrisy

No matter where you look in the world, American words don’t match American deeds. By John Arquilla  26 Aug 2013   In his ode to free thinking, “Self-Reliance,” Ralph Waldo Emerson had it right when he affirmed that “foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen.” He understood the need for […]

Israeli-American Company To Drill For Oil In Occupied Golan Heights

By Emily L. Hauser  22 Aug 2013 We don’t talk about it as much, but the West Bank and Gaza Strip aren’t the only territories Israel conquered in 1967 over which it’s still arguing. The Golan Heights was taken in the course of horrific battles with Syria, and though Israel annexed the land in 1981, […]

Looking for Hashish in Cairo? Talk to the Police

The hidden power of Egypt’s drug-running cops. By Mark Perry  23 Aug 2013 In March 1986, a new and more potent form of hashish began to show up on the streets of Cairo. Called “Bye Bye Rushdie” by the drug lords who peddled it, the hashish was named for recently deposed Interior Minister Ahmed Rushdie, […]

CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

The U.S. knew Hussein was launching some of the worst chemical attacks in history — and still gave him a hand. By Shane Harris and Matthew M. Aid   26 Aug 2013 The U.S. government may be considering military action in response to chemical strikes near Damascus. But a generation ago, America’s military and intelligence communities knew […]

Muslim soldiers to visit schools to try to counter Islamophobia

Ministers hope measures will help to tackle prejudice in the wake of Lee Rigby’s death By Oliver Wright  25 Aug 2013 Ministers are to send serving Muslim soldiers into schools around the country to counter Islamaphobia in the wake of the killing of Lee Rigby, The Independent has learnt. Muslim servicemen and women will be asked to […]

Israel seeks to pit Christian Arabs against Muslims in a cruel clash

By Jonathan Cook  24 Aug 2013 The Holy Land may be the cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam – the three Abrahamic faiths that share much in common – but Israel has preferred to draw on a tradition that imagines the region in terms of a clash of civilisations. Theodor Herzl, the father of Israel’s […]

Egypt’s Dirty War ?

By Jon Lee Anderson  21 Aug 2013 When Salvador Allende, the democratically elected socialist President of Chile, was overthrown by his country’s military—with the awareness, and possible assistance, of the C.I.A.—on September 11, 1973, he committed suicide rather than surrender. By then, Chile’s Air Force had already bombed the Presidential palace, where he had decided […]

Egypt’s Algerian Moment

Did Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi just set Cairo on the path to its own “black decade”? By Robert Zaretsky  20 Aug 2013 Despite the roughly 1,000 miles of Libyan desert that lie between them, Algeria and Egypt have never seemed as close as they do now. When Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi forcibly removed President Mohamed […]

Egypt in the rearview mirror

Whatever the problems roiling Cairo, more weapons sales won’t solve them. By Andrew J. Bacevich  20 Aug 2013 When it comes to Egypt, the U.S. has little leverage and therefore no real options. That’s according to the prevailing wisdom, at least. Yet this analysis — endlessly reiterated in mainstream commentary — is misleading. The absence […]

Why Saudi Arabia is taking a risk by backing the Egyptian coup

King Abdullah fears the Muslim Brotherhood, which challenges the kingdom’s claim to be the protector of Islam By David Hearst  20 Aug 2013 It took almost 60 years for the CIA to own up to its role in the British-backed coup that overthrew Iran’s prime minister Mohammed Mossadeghon August 19, 1953. But Saudi Arabia’s backing for the […]

#HijabUppropet: Non-Muslim Swedish Women Wear Hijab against Hate Crimes
#HijabUppropet: Non-Muslim Swedish Women Wear Hijab against Hate Crimes

By Gianluca Mezzofiore    20 Aug 2013   Swedish social democratic politician Veronica Palm joins hijab outcry campaign (@VeronicaPalm/Twitter)   Non-Muslim Swedish women have been uploading pictures of themselves donning the hijab to support a Muslim woman who was assaulted in Stockholm. The pregnant victim was taken to the hospital with concussion after her head […]

Islam is way more English than the EDL
Islam is way more English than the EDL

By Tim Stanley  7 Aug 2013   As English as tea and crumpets?   Whither the articulate nutters? Yesterday I got into a Twitter spat with the EDL’s Tommy Robinson (isn’t Twitter fun? Please don’t ban it, Caitlin) and I’m not very impressed. He was angry with a piece I wrote about him linking to […]

Backing Egypt’s generals, Saudi Arabia promises financial support
Backing Egypt’s generals, Saudi Arabia promises financial support

By Liz Sly  19 Aug 2013   Turkish supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi hold posters depicting Egypt’s top general, Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, right, and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. See images from Egypt’s bloody clashes that have killed hundreds already.   CAIRO — Saudi Arabia is emerging at the forefront of a forceful effort […]

Obama’s Egypt Policy Makes Perfect Sense

No, seriously.   By Aaron David Miller  19 Aug 2013 The only thing that’s really clear about U.S. Middle East policy these days is its stunning lack of clarity. Neocons and liberal interventionists alike protest the confusion loudly, and a great many others with less ideological baggage silently scratch their heads. Anomalies, contradictions, confusion, and […]

Egypt’s Rulers Have a New Friend in DC: The Israel Lobby

By John Hudson  19 Aug 2013 As pressure mounts on Washington to cut off U.S. military aid to Egypt, Cairo has found an awkward ally in the form of AIPAC, the influential pro-Israel lobby firm that is actively pushing for continued U.S. aid to Egypt. Long considered an incentive for Cairo to maintain peaceful ties with Israel, […]

How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut
How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut

By David D. Kirkpatrick, Peter Baker and Micahel R. Gordon  17 Aug 2013   Senators John McCain, left, and Lindsey Graham in Cairo on Aug. 6, after they met with military leaders.   CAIRO — For a moment, at least, American and European diplomats trying to defuse the volatile standoff in Egypt thought they had a breakthrough. […]

Egypt’s coup and the Saudi opposition
Egypt’s coup and the Saudi opposition

By Madawi Al-Rasheed  19 Aug 2013     It is ironic that a state claiming to rule according to Islamic principles, Saudi Arabia, fears the rise to power of Islamists — both at home and in neighboring countries. One regional Islamist trend worries the Saudi leadership, the Muslim Brotherhood which has decided to engage in […]

Tributes to Blackburn war hero Fazal Hussain
Tributes to Blackburn war hero Fazal Hussain

By Peter Magill, Chief reporter   19 Aug 2013   Fazal Hussain   TRIBUTES have been paid to a war veteran who played a vital role in helping to build bridges between Asian soldiers and Blackburn schoolchildren. Fazal Hussain, who died at the age of 95, had served with the Royal Army Medical Corps in […]

A Model of American Opacity

How Obama’s drone war echoes Egypt’s military crackdown. By Rosa Brooks  16 Aug 2013 I can no longer keep track of all the ways the United States has lost the moral high ground when it comes to Egypt. There was our initial namby-pamby response to the popular uprising against Hosni Mubarak in early 2011: We […]

CIA Admits It Was Behind Iran’s Coup

The agency finally owns up to its role in the 1953 operation. By Malcolm Byrnie  18 August 2013 Sixty years ago this Monday, on August 19, 1953, modern Iranian history took a critical turn when a U.S.- and British-backed coup overthrew the country’s prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. The event’s reverberations have haunted its orchestrators over […]

Egypt expert: ‘The old guard is back in power’

16 Aug 2013   Riots in the streets, state of emergency, curfew: Egypt descends into chaos. The military has taken over power. It is the return of the old Mubarak guard, Egypt expert Cilja Harders told DW. Deutsche Welle: Hundreds of people are dead, the elected president, Mohammed Morsi is ousted, the country in chaos […]

Mubarak Still Rules

The bodies pile up in Cairo, but nothing has changed. By Steven A. Cook  14 Aug 2013 My friend, the late Hassan El Sawaf, was correct. When I spoke to him on the evening of February 11, 2011, he was exuberant. After years of a lonely and personal struggle against Hosni Mubarak’s rule, the dictator […]

‘They Struck Us Down Like Animals’

As Egyptian authorities use brute force to disperse two pro-Morsy sit-ins, protesters vow to resist the crackdown until the bitter end. By Bel Trew  14 Aug 2013 CAIRO — A hail of gunfire crackled in the background as paramedics rushed a young male protester on a blood-spattered stretcher away from the frontline of the Islamist […]

Egypt risks meltdown in the wake of such needless army brutality

The latest massacres have suppressed hopes of unity and will encourage radicalism By Shashank Joshi  15 Aug 2013 Last month’s coup by the Egyptian army was supposed to have saved Egypt. The deposition of President Mohammed Morsi was, it was argued, the only way that the country could be saved from a vortex of political […]

Jews stand in solidarity with Muslims against fascist SDL

By Rory MacKinnon   30th July 2013 Edinburgh’s Jews will not stand by while fascists threaten their Muslim neighbours, a leading figure in the capital’s faith community said today. Sukkat Shalom chairman Norman Crane offered words of support today after the city’s council said it would let the far-right Scottish Defence League march down the […]

The Israeli bank that opens its doors to everyone – except Arabs

A startling conversation with a representative of Bank Mizrahi Tefahot in Kiryat Shmona sheds light on the obstacles faced by non-Jewish clientele. By Sharon Shpurer   30th July 2013 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank’s new ad campaign “From Dan to Eilat” has been hard to miss since taking to the airwaves several weeks ago. With a life […]

Naftali Bennett: ‘I’ve Killed Lots Of Arabs In My Life And There’s No Problem With That’

29 July 2013 As Middle East peace talks are set to resume after a five-year freeze, 972 Magazine reports a member of Israel’s cabinet has declared his backing for simply killing Palestinian prisoners, rather than bringing them to trial. On Sunday, Israel announced it would release 104 Palestinian prisoners, a key caveat in the John Kerry-brokered plan to […]

Britain Does Ramadan… And Does It Very Well
Britain Does Ramadan… And Does It Very Well

By Julie Siddiqi – Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Britain 26th July 2013 So, we are half way through Ramadan and what an amazing buzz there is in the air! Two weeks ago I was interviewed by Vanessa Feltz on her BBC London show as she asked for my reaction to the then newly launched Channel 4 Ramadan series […]

Let us speak for ourselves: five women’s experiences of Islamophobic attacks
Let us speak for ourselves: five women’s experiences of Islamophobic attacks

Muslim women and their clothes, their relationships with men and their place in British society are written and talked about and discussed and debated to death – but rarely are Muslim women included in those discussions themselves. In an attempt to correct this, Huma Qureshi asks five women to share their experiences. By Huma Qureshi  […]