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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman shakes hands with US President Donald Trump in Osaka, Japan, in June 2019

Saudi Arabia’s Campaign to Cancel the Palestinians

Topical and Current Affairs

From trolls to TV, Riyadh is rewriting history to undermine the entire Palestinian struggle, softening up the Arab world for its pending normalization with Israel “Liars, cheats and ungrateful.” That was the assessment of one of Saudi Arabia’s most senior royals, Bandar bin Sultan, on decades of Palestinian leaders. It is also curiously close to […]

Jewish Soldiers and Civilians Looted Arab Neighbors’ Property en Masse in ’48. The Authorities Turned a Blind Eye

Topical and Current Affairs

Refrigerators and caviar, champagne and carpets – a first-ever comprehensive study by historian Adam Raz reveals the extent to which Jews looted Arab property during the War of Independence, and explains why Ben-Gurion stated: ‘Most of the Jews are thieves’   “We turned a mahogany closet into a chicken coop and we swept up the […]

Zionism’s Terrorist Heritage

Topical and Current Affairs

Israel has a terrorism problem it’s unwilling to talk about. I understand the reluctance. Every now and then, I realize that I need to say something out loud, something painful, something I myself am not going to like, if only because I myself need to hear it. So here’s this: We in Israel need to […]


Pakistan will not recognise Israel: PM Khan

Topical and Current Affairs

Imran Khan’s comments come days after a US-brokered deal between UAE and Israel to normalise relations. 20 August 2020 Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said his country will not recognise Israel until there is a Palestinian state acceptable to the Palestinians. In an interview with local broadcaster Dunya News, Khan said on Tuesday Islamabad would […]

Eid al Adha in a Covid-19 world

Eid Hajj Topical and Current Affairs

Hundreds of thousands of worshippers have gathered across the world to perform the first day of prayers for the Eid al Adha festival.     Muslims in many countries around the world have started celebrating Eid al Adha, the annual festival of sacrifice. It marks the 12th and last month of the Muslim lunar calendar. […]

Pictures of Hajj with social distancing at Makkah

Hajj Topical and Current Affairs

29-7-2020 The annual pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah has been allowed to take place but with new measures, including less worshippers than previous years, to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus This year only 10,000 people already residing in the kingdom will participate, a tiny fraction of the 2.5million pilgrims from around the world […]

Israel is ridiculous, antiquated and based on lies about other people’s land, Seth Rogen says, but he’s afraid to tell other Jews

Topical and Current Affairs

Philip Weiss JULY 28, 2020 Writer/comedian Seth Rogen was on the Marc Maron podcast yesterday, promoting his new movie “An American Pickle,” which involves Jewish life in the U.S. Maron raised the idea of Jews moving to many places in the world after the Holocaust, and not to Israel. Rogen agreed: I think that’s a better strategy. […]

European Muslims hail opening of Hagia Sophia Mosque

Topical and Current Affairs

Muslims around Europe hailed the opening of Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque to worship after 86 years with Friday prayer Muslims around Europe hailed the opening of Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque to worship after 86 years with Friday prayer, Anadolu Agency reported. Vehbija Secerovic, muezzin of the historic Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, thanked Turkish President Recep […]