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Islam is being integrated more fully in Germany

Topical and Current Affairs

By Lewis Gropp  27 June  2012  Two years ago, then-German President Christian Wulff stated that Islam was part of Germany, creating an uproar among more conservative followers of his Christian Democratic Union. Then, defying reason, Joachim Gauck, Germany’s new president, stated earlier this year that Muslims are part of Germany, but that he would not say […]

Austria celebrates ‘model’ law on Islam

Topical and Current Affairs

By Bethany Bell   3 July 2012 BBC News, Vienna Austria has had a checkered history when it comes to relations with Muslims, but its 100-year-old Law on Islam is seen as a symbol of tolerance. The law gives Muslims the same rights as other officially recognised religions in Austria, such as Catholicism, Lutheranism, Judaism and […]

Muslims applaud Malawi President Joyce Banda

Topical and Current Affairs

By Peter Chipanga   2 July 2012 Muslims in Malawi have commended the country’s leadership for officially allowing the Muslim women to be putting on an Islamic dress, Hijaab, without restrictions or fear of any form of oppression. The Muslim community have said the sentiments in a press release that has been signed by the National […]

Making the World Safe for Terrorism

Topical and Current Affairs

By Shaikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller     30 Sept 2001 In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate By what one can gather from the press, the FBI and CIA have seemingly been unable to prove who precisely, if anyone, may have masterminded the attack earlier this month on the World Trade Center […]

Interview: IOC Expert Discusses Ramadan And London Olympics

Fasting and Ramadan Topical and Current Affairs

June 11, 2012 Ronald Maughan is a sports scientist at Britain’s Loughborough University who heads the International Olympic Committee’s working group on nutrition.  He spoke with RFE/RL correspondent Ron Synovitz about Ramadan and the 2012 London Olympic Games. RFE/RL: You head the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) working group on nutrition, which has been studying the […]

Israeli Author Decries Racist Israel

Topical and Current Affairs

Israeli culture similar to fanatical Islam, says Israeli author Israel qualifies as the “most racist state” in the developed world, Israeli author Sami Michael said earlier this week, in comments which drew parallels between Israeli culture and fanatical Islam. 29 June 2012 TEL AVIV – A prominent Israeli author has criticized Israel as the “most […]

The myth of Muslim support for terror

Topical and Current Affairs

By Kenneth Ballen  23/2/07 WASHINGTON Those who think that Muslim countries and pro-terrorist attitudes go hand-in-hand might be shocked by new polling research: Americans are more approving of terrorist attacks against civilians than any major Muslim country except for Nigeria. The survey, conducted in December 2006 by the University of Maryland’s prestigious Program on International […]

Islamophobia as the New Antisemitism

Topical and Current Affairs

By Jerry Haber   19 August 2010 Daniel Luban has written a timely and well-researched article in Tablet on what he calls, the “New Antisemitism,” the anti-Islamic bigotry that is on the rise in the United States. Using the term “New Antisemitism” to describe this bigotry is much more appropriate than using it to describe anti-Zionism or […]

How the Media Created the Muslim Monster Myth

Topical and Current Affairs

American images of Arabs and Muslims have remained remarkably consistent over the decades. Despite the diversity of Arab and Muslim experience, reel Arab women have appeared mostly mute and submissive — belly dancers, bundles in black and beasts of burden, argues Jack Shaheen. 16 June 2012 You can hit an Arab free; they’re free enemies, […]