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Islamophobia as the New Antisemitism

Topical and Current Affairs

By Jerry Haber   19 August 2010 Daniel Luban has written a timely and well-researched article in Tablet on what he calls, the “New Antisemitism,” the anti-Islamic bigotry that is on the rise in the United States. Using the term “New Antisemitism” to describe this bigotry is much more appropriate than using it to describe anti-Zionism or […]

How the Media Created the Muslim Monster Myth

Topical and Current Affairs

American images of Arabs and Muslims have remained remarkably consistent over the decades. Despite the diversity of Arab and Muslim experience, reel Arab women have appeared mostly mute and submissive — belly dancers, bundles in black and beasts of burden, argues Jack Shaheen. 16 June 2012 You can hit an Arab free; they’re free enemies, […]