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President Trump, seen reflected in a television camera, speaks during a briefing in response to the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday.

Trump tells a damnable and murderous lie

Topical and Current Affairs

April 17, 2020 By Dana Milbank  Columnist   “It would have been so easy to be truthful.” Thus spake President Trump this week on the very day he surpassed the milestone of uttering 18,000 falsehoods during his presidency, as tallied by the Post’s Fact Checker. But on this day, Trump was not admitting to losing his own struggle with […]

Prophet Muhammad’s Incredible Tips for Surviving a Pandemic

Other Knowledge Topical and Current Affairs

(translated from the Spanish article) April 2020 1,300 years ago, the founder of Islam already recommended isolation and hygiene measures to combat infectious diseases José Manuel Nieves Frequent washing your hands, staying at home, not touching anything, isolating yourself from others … With the planet practically paralyzed and half Humanity confined to their homes, […]

Chronological List of Relevant Muslim and Christian Scholars Who Wrote on Contagion in the Premodern Period

History Topical and Current Affairs

Ibn Sahl b. Rabbān al-Ṭabarī (d. after 240/ 855), Christian doctor who converted to Islam; lived in Sāmarrā’. Ibn Qutayba (d. 276 / 889), theologian, traditionist, and jurist; lived much of his life in Baghdad. Thābit b. Qurra (d. 288/ 901), doctor, mathematician, and astronomer from Ḥarrān; flourished and died in Baghdad. Muḥammad b. Zakariyyā […]

Avicenna The Scientist Responsible For Quarantine

History Topical and Current Affairs

The Persian scholar of medicine, Ibn Sina (980-1037) suspected that some diseases were spread by microorganisms. To prevent human-to-human contamination, he came up with the method of isolating people for 40 days. He called this method al-Arba’iniya (“the forty”). Traders from Venice heard of his successful method and took this knowledge back to contemporary Italy. […]

The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

History Topical and Current Affairs

During the pandemic of 1918/19, over 50 million people died worldwide and a quarter of the British population were affected. The death toll was 228,000 in Britain alone. Global mortality rate is not known, but is estimated to have been between 10% to 20% of those who were infected.   “I had a little bird […]

Can The Power Of Prayer Alone Stop A Pandemic Like The Coronavirus ? Even The Prophet Muhammad Thought Otherwise | Opinion

Topical and Current Affairs

17/3/2020 Dr. Craig Considine is a scholar, professor, global speaker, and media contributor based at the Department of Sociology at Rice University. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing governments and news sources to provide the most accurate and helpful advice to the world’s population, as the disease is indeed global in reach. Health care professionals are […]


UN rights office issues report on business activities related to settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Topical and Current Affairs

12 Feb 2020 GENEVA (12 February) – The UN Human Rights Office on Wednesday issued a report on business enterprises involved in certain activities relating to settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, in response to a specific request by the UN Human Rights Council, contained in a March 2016 resolution, that mandated the Office to […]

President Trump listens to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their announcement in the White House of Trump’s Middle East peace plan on January 28.

What’s New About Trump’s Mideast ‘Peace’ Plan? Only the Blunt Crudity of Its Racism

Topical and Current Affairs

From the administration’s perspective, Palestinian suffering doesn’t count because Palestinians themselves don’t count. By Saree Makdisi – professor of English and comparative literature at UCLA, is the author of Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation (Norton) and Tolerance Is a Wasteland: Palestine and the Psychogeography of Denial (forthcoming from the University of California Press). 30 […]

Appeasement won’t work

Topical and Current Affairs

By Michael Volpe General Director of Opera Holland Park in London. Since Brexit I have been hearing lots of talk about “listening” to and “understanding” swathes of white working class people who voted for leaving the EU. It has accelerated since Trump won and it is becoming increasingly hysterical and alarming. The narrative is this; […]

‘The day I killed my rapist’

Topical and Current Affairs

A young Tunisian woman was photographed naked by a friend of her father’s. He then used the images to silence her – until one day she snapped and took a bloody revenge. This story is part of the BBC’s Shame series, which examines a disturbing new phenomenon – the use of private or sexually explicit […]

How Israel aims to redefine ‘ethnic cleansing’

Topical and Current Affairs

Netanyahu’s controversial comments have thrown another obstacle in the way of Palestinian statehood, analysts say. Nazareth – On one level, an incendiary video posted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend looked suspiciously like an own goal. In it, Netanyahu argues that a Palestinian demand to dismantle Jewish settlements amounts to the “ethnic […]