By Daud Mannion

I sit reading in the early hours of the morning,
no tiredness,
no sleepiness,
ALHAMDILULLAH! what a feeling.
O Allah thanks for such a night,
new questions but at least my doubts put to flight,
I would have missed this all if I’d slept.
brothers and sisters such a night I’ve kept.

A night spent in prayer, zikhr and contemplation,
Allahu Akbar,
Allahu Akbar.
So I continued in rememberance of Allah’s creation.
time yet for holy Quran to read,
buzzing thoughts a new chain a new thread,
all to be missed if only I’d slept.
brothers and sisters. oh how I’ve wept.

Such a wonderful constant sense of iman I feel,
no grasping,
no fumbling,
in my consciousness so absolute so real.
Insha’Allah this sense will yet endure,
Ya Allah, please let me keep this feeling pure,
other nights when in laziness slept,
dozing when Tahajjud I should have kept.

So yet it endures this feeling of constant iman,
I’ve missed these feeling till this joyful night began!
Allah so close as dawn approaches,
but on happy senses the sun yet encroaches,
no more I’ll say in tiredness I slept,
as Insha’allah against hellfire such night’s may protect.