By Dawud Mannion


with fire, cross and sword,
once to Muslim lands you came,
now with bombs, cross and bullet,
once more you are trying to do the same.

But still you see not,
the destruction that you bring,
children’s lives and limbs destroyed,
as Crusader’s Christian hymns you sing.

“It’s for your own good!”
you say as lives and riches you openly steal,
but you will never realise that for us,
death’s better than to the Christian cross to kneel.

So keep your missionaries back,
No non-combatants in this war,
Soldiers only steal lives but missionaries steal souls,
the greater crime has a greater punishment in store.

You think this is now finished?
Think now your done and can soon go home?
Flying your stars and stripes over this land,
where once Imam Hanifa as a boy did roam.

Soon just like the soviets,
you will be made to taste defeat,
your wasted corrupt lives finished,
in deserts and mountains your nemesis to meet.

All then left of these young men is the ragged remains,
The US a once great nation nursing a generation’s losses,
Leaving behind so many hastily buried dead,
that soon enough you’ll run out of your Christian crosses.

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