Cry Until Your Heart Bleeds

By Shairoz Aleem

My brothers we remember you…How shall we compare?
The defenders of the muslims, upholding the banner of Islam.
In the mountains and the hills…
the enemy surrounds you but you stand firm,
trusting in Allah, keeper of the strong

And the wind is blowing from your left…
Oh how shaytaan has engulfed the West,
and they come for you, filled with unrest …rage upon rage towards those
who strive the best…
May Allah keep you in peace,
and the tranquility of His promise fill your hearts
and in your graves may you find rest.

My brothers from every race…O how we have failed you…
failed to come to your aid and to join you in this crusade,
of the establishment of the way of Allah and His Messenger(sal allahu alaihi
wa salam)
The Light of each face and the brightness of each day.

In valleys and deep caves you hide, but are not afraid
For it is the supreme scent of Jannah that you crave…
Knowing that Allah’s help is near,
And His reward is true for a heart that strives on the battlefield, without
faltering, without fear.

And our tears are happy tears…from our memory you are not erased
For you are not dead but alive…with Noor upon your face
For Islam you have bled,
Allah’s path is your heart’s content,
so with peace and contentment, lie down upon your bed.

O’Mujahideen warrior, defender of what is right!
surrounded by Allah’s mercy and grace, the most precious of light
O’my brothers who have left those whom they dearly loved
Forgotten this world, this dunya, for a treasure beyond words
Striving to uphold the perfected religion…Islam…so beautiful,
most beautiful of all.

And my brothers who have lagged behind…
Arise and fight!!! Establish the way that is true!!!
The path was only established by the blood of those who came before you.

O’Ummah of Rasullulah(sal alahu alaihi wa salam),
Come to the path of success!!!
Forget the life of this world, this dunya and seek after that which is best,
The path of Allah and His Messenger(sal alahu alaihi wa salam)…
wherein each heart finds rest.

By whom have you been decieved,
into thinking that the path of Allah is too fundamental, too extreme?
In this world there is bliss?
Nay, Wake up Oh deceived one,
for the life of this world is only paradise for the kufaar and mushrikeen.

O’Mujahideen warrior! The enemy is plotting…
and Allah is plotting too,
and what they conspire against you will never succeed…
For Allah the Most High, Most Great is All-Hearing and All-Knowing of the

Animosity pours forth from their eyes, a hatred from the soul…
Purify yourselves O’believers! Fight for the sake of this deen!
Make Al-Firdaus your goal!
Allah the Most High, Most Great is the protector of the believers,
for Allah encompasses everything.

O’ Muslimeen and muslimah, cry until your heart bleeds…
Abandon the filth of this world and its pain, its greed
If death were to come to you,
would you cling to the life of this world or your Lord?
Who is it that you need?

Abandon the filth of this world and its pain…
the lust that leads to child molestation and rape,
the greed that leads to murder
and the envy that leads to hate

Who is that evil whisperer that you hear?
causing you to forget the reason why you are here…
Remember Allah, if you fear
Remember Rasullulah( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) and our own shortcomings
with every tear.

Cry until your heart bleeds
and remember the Sahabah and Rasullulah (sal allahu alaihi wa sallam)
Not only fought to establish Islam, but they fought for you and me,
With their wealth, lives and property
Nay they are not dead but alive…with Noor upon their face.

O’ Allah, Most High, Most Great, please forgive us our sins and selfish,
vain pursuits.
O’ Allah Most Merciful, Most Kind…guide us along the path of those whom
you favored, not of those who earned your anger or went astray.
O’ Allah, Most Hight, Most Great…please forgive us for our mistakes.

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