Dearest Kids

Dearest Kids,
I teach and beseech.
Please sit when you eat
Eating sweets it’s a treat.
Eat your meat, do not spit.
Done replete, no surfeit.

Be the kid that is fit.
Show sincerity when you greet.
Be kind towards the elderly and be neat
At all times do not cheat.
Start with the right in every good deed.

You may read yes indeed.
Especially the Qur’an, Hadith, and Arabic.
Five times daily it’s a feat.
Gifts are heavenly to inherit.
So don’t you ever admit defeat.

Do not persist with lies and pique,
You must resist the Satan’s hiss.
Do the things as Prophet’s wished.
These are all the proper ethics.
As good Muslims, do not be skeptics.

God exists that’s what we believe.
It’s no thesis, there is a list.
The evidence is this world that we live in.
Islam is the true religion for every human being.
There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger.
This is The Message for the truth seekers and believers.