Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Health, Wealth & ProsperityKashif Ali Syed001-24-2024
Me and my Family\'s Health and Economic issues.
EXAMleila Mohamed001-22-2024
Hi, i have a VERY important exam today, could someone please make dua for me?
Couple extreme level conflict Anonymous001-06-2024
Duaa karein ki meri Behan ka Ghar basa rahey chain ,sukun aur khusi key sath... Behan ka naam- Shabaz Perween Behan key husband - Md.Shahid Jamil Aapsay guzarish hai ki duaa karein inkey liye aap ki dono zindagi bhar sath rahein khushi say.
Dua for sorcery and sorcerers(black magic) on meDaniel Labinjo001-04-2024
I need dua for witchcraft attacks,black magic,curses,hexes,evil eye and black bindings,negative spells and success with being hired on my job applicationsI need deliverance from witchcraft attacks,black magic,demonic attacks,curses,hexes,evil eye and black bindings,negative spells and success with being hired on my job applications
Driving TestAnonymous709-02-2023
Please make dua that I pass my driving test and that I am granted the person written in my naseeb
Health for Saif Anonymous1405-05-2023
I request dua for Saif Ahmed Khan for complete cure of his intestines and safe surgery safe healthy normal biopsy reports and restoration of perfect health Allahtala Saif per reham keejiye unhe bachaaleejiye Malik Reham keejiye
seek helth javed ahmed 504-28-2023
My dear frien's mother was suffering from cancer, she was treated, but a month before the routine checkup, the pain has started again, for which we are going tomorrow, I request everyone to get better, please pray for her.
plz do dua i get pregnant in'Sha'Alllahirram sarfraz304-26-2023
please make dua that Allah swt grants me offspring. May Allah grant me healthy pious children. May i be blessed with children may our journey to parenthood be made easy in'Sha'Allah. been struggling to conceive for years. plz do dua for me n my husband my heart yearns for a child .
Court case Adam Sheikh404-19-2023
Please make dua i win this court case i don't want to go prison for something that isn't my fault please Allah help me I have repented changed my life I even reverted and I have prayed so much please even my wife got dragged into this let us reunite please make us both win this court case its up to the jury this week or next please Allah help me I need to win i need your help i been suffering
Healing requestAnonymous603-24-2023
I request dua for an end to all my sufferings and for healing of my body and mind.
ya allah conceal my sins Anonymous203-09-2023
i am sinner please do dua that allah forgives and conceals my sins
Exam passesAnonymous103-04-2023
As-Salaam-Alaikum, please could you make dua that I am able to pass 2 really import exams that I am sitting w/c 6th March. These exams really mean a lot for me and my future and would make my parents extremely proud. Any duas will be hugely appreciated. JazakAllah
Own home Sumera Salman002-27-2023
Mai rent k Ghar Mai rehti hu plz mere liye Dua Karwa den k Allah pak Mera jald Karwa den. Mai bohat pareshan hu. jazakAllah
Really need prayersAnonymous002-18-2023
Please pray for my family, going through a really tough time
Clearance of all sinsReg Daw102-11-2023
Please make dua for the clearance of all my sins and that I be saved from suffering the negative effects of my sins.
My dad is sick he has high blood pressure please pray for him
Height , inçrease my height Anonymous102-04-2023
I want to grow taller to 173 cm. I am 15 years old girl can you make a prayer for me to grow taller
Husband loveKhadija ..001-31-2023
Pray for me mra hubnd dsri lrkiyo st zina krna chor dy aur mry pas wps aajye mjhsy pyar krny lg jaye aur ghr bhasye mry st? mjh p aur bacho p twaju dy
My mums health Anonymous101-25-2023
Please can everyone make Du’a for my mum. She’s facing so much health problems and it just gets worse in the night. Please keep her in your Du’a
Protection Vasanthi Madireddy001-20-2023
I request Du’a for spandana and madan that their marital life is happy.lovefilled harmonious peaceful always that madan takes care of his wife lovingly correctly Allahtaala unper reham kenjoyed Ameen

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