Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi
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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
medical free seatAnonymous1806-02-2014
I wanna get a free medical seat as my dad cant affort to buy me
i need to marry someone i loved first n my life.Anonymous2805-29-2014
Dua for marrying some one whom i truely loved in my life,my first love..I dont want to see another man in mylife
Marriage with my love oneAnonymous2605-27-2014

I fall in love with a non-muslim guy. Please pray for me that the guy i love got hidayah from ALLAH S.W.T to accept Islam from his heart and accept me as his only love and wife... We are facing a lot of problems now, we are apart, we always fight.. please pray for our heart to be reconcile.. please pray that we will be together duniya and akhirah very soon.. and plss duwa that all pray and duwas will be accepted..
Please make Dua for meAnonymous705-24-2014
I have a problem because the person I want to marry lives in a different country and comes from a different religious background. The latter is a problem for my parents. Please make Dua that I marry this person, who I fell in love with over three years ago. And that Allah blesses us. JazakumAllah Khair
I'm a muslim mother. my oldest daughter is 25 years old and sheAnonymous405-24-2014
please doa for my daughter
For God fearing womanAdam Ibrahim sakar405-22-2014
O Allah, grant me avery good and beautiful woman who fears u .amin
Duaa for my bestfriendmrs Tariq tariq805-22-2014
My friend got married 4 years ago in pakistan and it was totally arranged marriage. She didnt spend any time with her husband amd came back in two weeks. She is been asking for divorce since then and no one is helping her. She wants tk get divorced so she can marry some one here in States. Please kindly make duaa for her.i want to see her happy. She lives with her brother n sister in law and life is getting harder for her.
May Allah forgive our sins and put us on right path. Ameen.
pray for me to get marridAnonymous1305-21-2014
Assalamalaikum sisters/brothers My parents are looking for good proposal since 3 yrs, now i am 25 and all my younger cousins and friends all got marrid and some engaged. My parents are in thier old age and realy worrid for me. We found that there is some obstacle in the way of my marriage and may be thats why all the proporals which came to me rejected me for no reason. Im praying day and night to allah to remove all the obstacles. I need your prayers. Please pray for me and my parents
financial looserAnonymous1105-19-2014
please please dua for me.i am financialy in a very week position.i am 39 and unemployed.
Stop the divorceAnonymous1305-19-2014
Assalamualaikum, my four month marriage is ending. My husband has short temper and so do I. We fought about silly things, and family got involved now its headed toward divorce. He wants divorce to "set me free", but I want him to change a little bit I do not want a divorce. Please pray for my husband Masud and I, we need prayer, My heart aches thinking I wouldn't be with him but his big extended family interferes in our marriage (since we all lived together). I want my husband to love me as he loves his own family. Please Pray for us.
My husband don't care about me!Anonymous905-19-2014
My husband don't care about me he alway worried about his family he ignore me completely he don't help me in any thing we have two kids. It feels like he's not in our life he lie to me so many time and I found out please I really need help with some good dua Allahs word have so much power his family don't even care about him they just want his money but my husband think they love him and he ignore me cause of them please help thanks
for marriageAnonymous605-18-2014
As salaam, I am 35 year old female and have never really had a boyfriend and I desire marriage inshallah.

All my friends and family are married, also everyone at work. Every one is always nagging me because I am not married yet, I pretend to be happy with it, I try my best to accept yhis is what allah thinks is best for me at present but im actually very lonely and desire companionship. I have to do everything alone or at home alone because everyone has plans with their own families, my mother has passed away and I still live at home with my dad but he is remarried and always out with the wife. I also feel heartbroken because he has taken no interest in finding me a suitable spouse. Its like I am always the one not chosen, I make lots of dua to keep me strong and for the almighty to accept my duas so that I can meet my spouse soon, its hard tomlive in the western culture, I have tried Islamic dating sites but its like the guys dont want me because of my age, so its making it really difficult for me because im living a lie, have a huge desire to get married but no potential or proposals at all
Save my hometownAnonymous405-11-2014
Please make dua that Allah will change the qadar of the city of New Britain, CT and send our city on a path of economic vitality, so that it may experience financial prosperity once again.
i whant to marry who i love and he love meAnonymous805-10-2014
i need dua so that my paren will let me who i lov
Trouble with family agreeing to let me marry Anonymous405-06-2014
I want to marry my partner whom i have been with, but my family does not agree, please can you make dua they agree and are happy, jazakallah khair.
Assalamu alaikum pls I need a prayer for meeting a life partner and also getting a good job to do. Jazakallahu khaira.
My sisterAnonymous205-05-2014
My older sister had a rishtia who she was soon going to get married to but it broke off ever since then she hasn\'t had any rishtey and my parents are getting very concerned for her , may she soon get a rishtia and get married of successfully so her and her husband can live a lovely peaceful loving life and soon have kids in shaa Allah
dua for agree his parentAnonymous505-04-2014
Assalam walekum,I m a hindu gal love a muslim boy..we love each other alott.. pls dua for me dat his mom agree for our marriage.. I want to marry him only.. I cant live without him... and want him forever in my life as my life partner. . I am ready to b a muslim and will follow all things
please pray for me. the girl which i want to marry also loves me but her parents want to marry her with someone else and they will force her if needed. please pray for me
Iam a muslim, a girl i proposed to marry 2 years ago informed me that she is not have interest on me again. please, assist me to get her back for marriage. her name is jummai