Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi
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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
for soon choice marriage & get rid of all obstacle of marriageAnonymous103-15-2014
please sisters & brothers pray for me thus i could get married soon whom i love and been waited since so long.also pray to Allah to make everything smoothly without any obstacle from any-side with everyone's agreement.may ALLAH GIVE ME RAHMAAT & RASOOL E KARIM HAZRAAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAFAA SALLALLAHUTAALA ALAAIHIWASALLAM 's blessings.ya ALLAH swt please remove all hardship and hardle, bad prays, black magic, bad nazar between me and T. Hossain bin Mariam begum's marriage.
I am 25 and now three times my marriage propersals failed Anonymous103-14-2014
Please make a dua for me that I could get married soon to a very good person please help me
i need a life partnerAnonymous003-13-2014
prayer for me to get a good wife to marry.i ha ve not been lucky with women help me make a dua pleas
make her parents n her readySalman mujawar003-12-2014
I am loving a girl from 7years and she also loved me but her parents and sister are not ready they think im bad boy .the girl has lost her hope of marriage plzz make dua for changing her parents and sister mind and .develop hope in the girl i love
Marriage problemNauman Zia003-12-2014

marriage and bcme socially independentAnonymous003-09-2014
Asalamualakum plzzzzzzzzzzz dua 4 me dat i m getting married as soon as possible, i m so lonely, i want a frnd plz plz dua 4 me, i m so depressed and anxious there is no one who can help me 🙁
Dua for getting marriedAnonymous9803-08-2014
Please give me some easy duas & surah for a good marriege proposal
i want a dua.Anonymous7003-08-2014
I like a guy but i dont know about him weather he like me or not..he is my ideal match i found in him. i just pray that if he is in my destiny he will able to gt to marry with me ..i hope he too like me...pls pray..even he is a good person ..i hope that he accept me...plzz need ur's dua
want to break my engagementAnonymous2803-07-2014
I want to break my engagement with my cousin I'm engaged with him for 1 year now I can't.Continue this relationship as I m unable to understand him.....instead of being marry him I want to break my engagement as soon as possible ...but it is not easy as I'm compled from my parents to marry him...please pray for me that my engagimt. Break up as soon as possible
I was a divorce and got married last year June n my husband loAnonymous2003-06-2014
Assalaamcan you please do dua again for me as he is still not very normal to me he not the same person whom I met and I hope he is back to normal how hge was before ..shukriya
Asalaam alaikum brothers and sisters!! I hope you are all doing wonderful. (peace and blessing be upon I've came on here despretely wanting help. I've been talking to this guy for quit a while now & about three months we made an agreement. To go ahead and get married and everything but it's just not that easy. Because he's all the way in the UK while i'm here in the US I really just wanted you guys to help me out here by making duas for me. I'm really desperate at this point I don't want to loose him I really love this guy i've been so stressed out lately because everytime i think about it. I just feel bad i'm tearing up as i write this now I just hope and pray everyday that everything works out just fine. So he can come here in the US so we can get married. Brothers and sisters please i'm begging you guys please help me by make duas for me I will highly appreciate it. If you guys would do so thank you guys in advance may Allah almighty grant us all our duas Amen!
Dua for my court caseAnonymous903-06-2014
As salam wa aliqum!Please my court case is dated to June 6th 2014 and I want to win this case so that i can get my job back. Allah SWT knows injustice has been done to me. Allah Hafiz.
making the right choiceAnonymous003-05-2014
which school will be better for me in dunya and deen
Am praying for a lovely, caring and bless's wife
I want my partner to marry meAnonymous2403-03-2014
My partner of 12 years does not want me and I have had to leave our home please pray that he wants me to go home and to love me again thankyou
husband calls me atleastAnonymous4402-27-2014
I want my husband to give me love n respect. And says he cant live without me.he ussd to love me alot but now whom so ever who did black magic on him to hate me has affected him. Plaese help me I dont want a divorce
Kindly make Dua for me that my ex husband will love and comebackAnonymous1602-27-2014
Kindly make Dua for me that my ex husband would love me just like before and comeback to me again. May Allah protect us in any harm either from natural calamity or man made. Lastly, may Allah permit my mother to come to the holy place Makkah to so her umrah or hajj in Sha Allah, and include all Muslims people in the world will be always in state of highest imaan including myself and family. Ameen
asslamulaikum i got marride 1year ago and it was love marrage.i Anonymous1002-27-2014
Assalamulaikum i got marride 1 year ago and it was love marrage.i love my husband a lot of but some reason always yells at me he wants to divorce me .is there any way i can get my love back and save my marrige please tel me
to get another happinessAnonymous1102-27-2014
please pray for me to get another happiness from a man who will love me and my own daughter,got divorse from my husband now six months ago but i cant stand the insults,abuses and threats he keeps sending me.i want to forget him and start a new life with a muslim man who fears Allah and worship Allah.
My best friend (a male best friend) asked my parents for my rishta. As I have secretly had thoughts about marrying him for the last 5 years, I was very happy with his. His father rang mine and asked if they may have my rishta. My father is currently "thinking about it" however, others who don't want the rishta to happen are stirring the pot.

I am worried that these stirrers will have their way - as already they are making the situation more complicated than it needs to be. For example, making it a condition that my older sister must get married first (even though she doesn't wish to get married). This has resulted in my father ignoring my rishta and focusing on searching for a rishta for my sister - even though my father had told the boy's family that he will contact them with a decision. They have been waiting patiently for over a month to hear from my father who is pretending that the rishta never came. I am worried that they will look at my parents badly for this and walk away. His parents are a lot older than mine, and so the chance that they would see my parents' behaviour as disrespectful is likely.

Please can you make dua and pray that all obstacles to the rishta are removed, that the rishta is approved and result in marriage soon with all parties happy.