Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi
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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
mere sohar mere se baat nhi karainAnonymous1212-27-2013

make dua for marriageAnonymous3512-26-2013
A guy love me .A six months ago he wanted to marry me and his parents were agree but my parents were not .later he got a problem with my past .i really loves him can you make dua which melts his heart so he will agree and my parents can agree for this marriage.please help me thanks
Please pray for me I am a single mother and really want to settle down now please make a dua that I find a nice person who will be kind to me and my son plzzzzzzzzzzz
breaking relationship with ex-wife (who took khula) of my khalujAnonymous712-23-2013
Asalam-o-alaikum respected Scholar Sahab,
I am Dr. Sadaf from India. My Khalajan is very much apprehensive and needs your guidance and duas. She got married 20yrs back to Mr. Basheer Bhai (s/o Shafiya )(divorcee with a then 1 yr daughter named Zeba, wife name Rahila Golandaz who took khula). My khalajan is blessed with two sons (18 and 17yrs). There was no interaction between her husband and his ex-wife till 1.5 yrs back she came to know that they just started maintaining a relationship which her husband exhorts to be only superficial for the sake of their daughter. He is maintaining two families, and wants my khalajaan and her sons to accept his daughter. My Khalujaan spends 15-20 days in Mumbai with his ex-wife and daughter while rest of the days he stays with my khalajaan scolding and ill-treating her and my brothers. My khalujaan is ignoring my khalajaan and her sons misbehaving with them. Whole society at her place along with her in-laws are completely supporting khalujan as my khalujaan says that he is not maintaining any relationship with her ex-wife as he goes to meet her daughter only and he wants her to get married-off. My Khalajaan is in depression and is undergoing worst phase of life. Her sons are going into gloominess. She’s feeling all alone, dejected by her husband and needs help from Islamic laws and scholars. It’s my sincere request to all the Islamic scholars to please help her by suggesting duas that she can recite or what action can she take to prevent her married life from getting ruined in the hands of my khalujaan’s ex-wife and her daughter. Islam doesn’t believe in black magic but somebody told my khalajaan that it’s been done on my khalujaan by his ex-wife.
You scholars would be Allah’s rehmat to my khalajaan. May Allah bless all of you with his choicest blessings and bestow more knowledge to help us fight such problems. Aameen.

Please make dua for me to not only conceive but to be blessed with a nek, farmabardar,healthy child with no difficulty in pregnancy.
love marriageAnonymous2212-22-2013
Any dua from whic my and the girls parent will agree for our marriage
Please make dua for meAnonymous912-21-2013
Please make dua to Allah for me to marry the person I have been in love with for over two years, and that He give us blessing and protection from evil and harm, and that my parents accept him. I am muslim and he is not. This is a problem. Please pray for an answer and for Allah to bring us together.
Marrying the one I loveAnonymous912-21-2013
Please make dua that I marry the person I have loved for two and a half years (almost three now), and that my parents accept him, and to protect us.
Urgent for my wife and daughterAnonymous712-20-2013
Me and my wife have fallen out and so many problems has been happening as hher mum is always brainwashing her daughter and reuining our relationship, i am asian and my wife is white and now they made police case against me and her mum took my her and my 4 month daughter away shes name is Aaliyah and my name is Hasan, i just want my wife and daughter to come home. i just need her to give me that one call for me to pick her up and then we reunite again cos its been now 2 days that i have had no sleep only for an hour or two then wake up because of my daughter especially please make dua for them to come. i just cant stop crying every hour :'(
Dua for sihr cure done by ex to block him moving on.Anonymous612-16-2013
Please pray that the man I love under influence of sihr from his ex. cannot let go is ill and unhappy with her.Blocking a legitimate marriage with me.
love backAnonymous1512-09-2013
I love a girl and want to marry her only please make dua for me that will be reunited again so that I can marry her I really love her plz pray for m
Allah us k dil m meri jaga phr se ban jai or Allah meri sari tension khatm kar dain ameen
pass exams,get a good university to do medicine and get married Anonymous212-09-2013
asalam aleikum!!pliz pray 4 me to get good results so that i can do medicine in a good university and also 2 be with the one i lov in'shaa'allah
i want to liv wit my husbandhiba aaliya1212-08-2013
my husband is is not with me,i would lik to settled him wit der in abroad,she hav some debts here,pls tel me any dua
Provisions from Allah Azza wa JallAnonymous212-07-2013
I would like to request a dua for me and my family. I am in Canada and I am unemployed. My wife works alhamduliallaah, but her managers refuse to allow her to pray during work hours. Please make dua that I can find employment right away where I can afford to cover the expenses of the standard of living in Canada. I want to be able to take care of my family the way a Muslim man should. Jazakallah khair.
Dua for our marriageAfshan taranum Shaik1212-06-2013
Please do dua for me. I and the guy I love.. Want to get married. We are both Muslims. His dad and sister are not agreeing for our marriage as I have taken a Khula. They have seen another girl for him and are forcing him to marry her and leave me. My parents are ok with us getting married. Please do dua for us that his dad and sister agree and accept me. Thank you
???? for my husbandAnonymous412-03-2013
Please make
???? for my husband who is making life extremely difficult for me and my 4 children. He comes home late every night and hides a lot from me regarding his wherabouts. Recently, he slept out of the house for one night and I suspect there may be someone else. Please make
???? he comes to his senses ????? ???? and loves and wants to be with me and his children.
????? ???? ameen
ziddy or gusse wala husbandAnonymous211-29-2013
Mere husband apni ammi and sis ko mjpe ehmiyat date main pora din kaam karti gun had baat manti hun BT WO ek nhi sunte upper se unki sis unko realized krwati hy k ehsan kiya hy shadi kr k bahar bhi nhi lekr jate hoye waqt naqab abayo m koi dekh lega pata nhi kya smjhte haiin wo ek month she qaid hoon ghr m tang agayye hon Mai pregnant bhi hoon or bhi pareshan hon plz dua btaye k unki zid or gussa khatam hojae WO baat sune meri naqab m dam ghutne k khti hon tauu khte or bhi krti by drame hy tmhre plz dua btaden mje plz..
dua to marry the person i love and settle abroadAnonymous2311-26-2013
The man I love is far from me in other country, lately he has not been communicating often like before .please pray that he comes to me really soon or send a visa for me. with Allah blessing i miss him so much may Allah bless us to happliy live togther Ameen......
court case judgementAnonymous111-25-2013
Please make dua for me to win my Pension court case which has dragged on for 3 years now.