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“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘and same to you.’ “
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Make dua I get a first class honours in all of my modules.
Healing for my motherGrace Makombe112-04-2018
Salaam akaykom.Please make duah for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,My mother is in alota pain everyday. she's suffering from heavy headaches,and backpain everyday.The doctors don't seem to know what's really wrong with my mother was diagnosed last week with guard.Oh Allah yah saffi grant my mother a cure,remove the pain from my mothers body,yah saffi please cure my mother,grant such a cure that leaves no disease behind.Inshalaah Ameen
My son nahi hussain cannot speakAnonymous011-09-2018
My son will be 4 years in jan 2019 but he cannot speak please make dua for him
Dua for brother Anonymous010-07-2018
Please make dua for my brother who suffered cardiac arrest in life support
Request for good health. Anonymous009-20-2018
Assaalaamu alaikum. Please make dua for good health, free of any illness. Please make dua for success in this world and the hereafter. Please make dua that Allah swt blesses Stephen Haddock with Islam and love for me.
Need guidanceVhikaas agarwal008-29-2018
Allah be merciful show me path which I can take to feed and take care of my family
Please make dua for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga.oh allah every illnes every sickness every disease remove it frm my mothers body and heal my mother inshalaah
MarriageNajiba Me 008-21-2018
Salam alaykum please make dua i learn to cook all the traditonal food recipes of my country like an expert and learn how to do all the household chores like an expert cooking , washing and drying and ironing clothes , sewing. Im 30 years old and still single please make dua for me as im getting older .i live with my poor old mother.which also has problems i wish not to discuss as i feel bad for her .
Dua for me Najiba Me 008-21-2018
Salam alaykum please make dua i get help with my studies especially math ans that i go far in math and become an expert in it .that i go far in english and become an expert in it especially essay writing .that i get into college easily and get my college diploma with thw highest marks .that i always be able to find a job in my career feild and be able to keep it and be an expert in it that my boss and everybody be happy with me always .and that i be happy with myself . that i get paid high salary always .
Dua for marriage propsalsNajiba Me 008-21-2018
Salam alaykum please make dua i get many proposals of marriage from handsome rich single men my age that have never been married and have no children from anybody . that whoever i choose to marry he marrys me loves me respects me protects me and supports me always .and keeps me happy always .and that i be his only wife for life .if there is any form of evil eye taweez or bad luck or even magic on me that is preventing me from getting any propsals of marriage or preventing me from getting good propsals of marriage or preventing me from getting married then please make dua that whatever magic or taweez it is that it be removed and that god protect me always .
Help&blessings from AllahAnonymous008-18-2018
My kids & Me are facing very difficult ( Health ,family , financial ) problems . Name : Haitham , my family name : Haloub . Adress : Shoa’fat - Jerusalem -Palestine Plz make dua to allah to grant us solfing all our problems , & grant us all our wishes
Prayers for my newborn who is ill Samah Hassan 008-18-2018
Please make duaa for my newborn son Elias Belil Muzib. He contracted the E Coli infection and is now in the pediatric intensive care unit being treated for almost one week. Please prays that Allah SWT heals him of his illnesses and that I have my baby boy back home with me soon inshallah.
GeneralName : Haitham my Family name : Haloub 008-17-2018
My kids & I have ( Health , social , family ,& financial ) crises . Address : Jerusalem distrect - Palestine .
Depressed, Sad, Stressed, Anxious, Distressed 🙁Hajer Ibrahim008-17-2018
AlsalamuAlaykum brothers and sisters, I’m having a mental breakdown, a big one. It’s making my clinical anxiety worse. PLEASEEE I have a ton dilemmas, please read, there are more serious ones towards the end. I am under depression and clinical anxiety and things became much worse for me. It is getting me very sick and ILL. I cannot take it anymore I am really really really desperate. I have a new story dilemma and it’s like I CANNOT escape this hardship at my work. School is tough and on top of that I have this work life to deal with. It’s becoming a big burden on me. I am becoming very stressed out and anxious and getting really sick from it. My name is Hajer Ibrahim and I am a 25 year old female (turning 26 soon inshaaAllah) currently in fourth year pharmacy school towards my PharmD degree alhamduliAllah Allahuma Barekli. I have been under major clinical anxiety, depression, and stress. Please make Duaa I have a rotation called “Olive View – UCLA – General Medicine rotation" that I get 100% A+ in the rotation and all my presentations are good (it is a very very very hard rotation and I have been studying and working hard nonstop it is causing me to be VERY ILL), the final exams and presentations are very hard for that rotation. Please make duaa I get an A+ and shine on this rotation. I am really going crazy and have bad anxiety, and also to get straight A+'s and shine in all my rotations n pharmacy school from now on and get a residency and this rotation and all my rotations give me letters of recommendation and get the Dean's list in graduation and the Dean’s letter and get straight As from now on including the class and classes I am currently taking ya Rab and that I obtain a residency after graduating from pharmacy school in May 2019 with highest honors and pass the board exams of NAPLEX, CPJE, and MPJE, and get a board certification of BCPS, and get a board certification for BCPP, and get a residency ya Rab, 2 years both PGY1 and PGY2. And that for my job at Rite Aid, I work maximum 4 hours a week and my new boss at Rite Aid gives me a good letter of recommendation. Please make duaa all my preceptors, bosses, professors, and advisors give me excellent letters of recommendations. Please make duaa that I win all of the following the WesternU Clinical Skills Competition, CSHP Clinical Skills Competition, ASHP Clinical Skills Competition, and ACCP Clinical Skills Competition ya Rab inshaaAllah. Ameen Ameen Ameen!!! Please make duaa that my current rotation site is very good and outstanding and all my rotations sites are very good and outstanding. Please things are getting very stressful and hard and I don’t feel I’m doing too well. My mind is going into depression. I have a never-ending ongoing dilemma at my job. My boss always asks me to work on days I am not able to. Ya rab it does not count against me if I cannot work those requested days and ya Rab he gives me time off whenever I need it, especially during rotations Ameen! Please pray I get a 100% an A+ and get 100% A+ on my presentations and great feedback on my work and Allah makes me stronger and think more clinically and be the best student they had on this rotation “Olive View – UCLA – General Medicine rotation” and ALL my rotations yar Rab I work 4 hrs or less a week and Allah makes my Job easy for me. Ya Rab, I Hajer Ibrahim, get a 100% an A+ and get 100% A+ on my presentations and great feedback on my work and Allah makes me stronger and think more clinically and be the best student they had on this rotation “Olive View – UCLA – General Medicine rotation” and ALL my rotations yar Rab, and that I work 4 hours or less a week on the days that are suitable for me that I email my availabilities and Allah makes my job easy for me and I NEVER get fired, and I get straight As in all my classess. Allahuma Barekli. Y Rab my rotations are very smooth and that I get excellentletters of recommendations out of them ya Rab inshaaAllah and that I win all of the following the WesternU Clinical Skills Competition, CSHP Clinical Skills Competition, ASHP Clinical Skills Competition, and ACCP Clinical Skills Competition ya Rab inshaaAllah. Ameen. I'm really scared and anxious. ya Rab! Ameen I am very depressed and crying and ill from this please. Jazaak Allah khair. May Allah reward you and answer your Duaa's and mine Ameen!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE brothers and sisters, I am anxious and depressed all the time and have been working very hard and I’m getting insomnia from this. I am very desperate. I am very anxious and desparate & in insomnia. All duaas are appreciated. May Allah reward you with even more! May Allah accept all your duaa's & mine! Ameen! Please if you can make dual for me & announce during salats & salat Juma, Umra, and Hajj. Jazaak Allah khair. May Allah Reward you and bless you with much more and always give you health, wealth, happiness, success, and blessings. Ameen 🙂
Hyderabad posting for M .V.VaishnaviVasanthi Madireddy007-10-2018
Please make Du’a for my daughter MVVaishnavi that she is taken back into AT&T project she is put into a Hyderabad project she gets a Hyderabad posting surely for highest good of all Allah hum per reham keejiye humari dua sunleejiye Ameen
Special PrayerAnonymous006-02-2018
Want to be back with my wife with Allah's will.
Success Moosa Mayat005-25-2018
Please make dua that Allah that grants me success in my life.
Dua for Marriage Zareena Shah005-25-2018
Assalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters, I recently had the most wonderful man come to my house with his family as we want to get married. My family all liked him but his family do not wish to proceed. We have both had great difficulty in the past when trying to get married. I am desperate beyond words. Please make sincere dua that Allah (swt) opens up a way for us. Please. May Allah bless you for your help. Your sister in Islam.
Friendship and happiness Anonymous005-12-2018
Please make dua that my friend passes her exams and stays in university as she is the only true companion I have in university and I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my university life, thank you
Make dua I get a first class honours in all of my modules.

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