Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi
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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
please help meAnonymous811-11-2013
please tell Allah to give me M. Sakibus Sabur back. i really love him a lot. i m waiting for him for 14 months. please say Allah to give him back to me. I want to marry him. i am dying every day. i am tired. I did a lot of things but Allah is not listening to my dua. please pray for me. i really need him. he is my smile. i cant be happy without him. please pray for me.
plz pray for meAnonymous411-08-2013
Plz pray for me that i get married as soon as possible
Plz pray 4 my frnd Allah us ki sari mushkilat door kar dain wo hamesha khush rhy uski sari tension door ho jain ameen.....
Want to find a girl so that my family can fix me with her for maAnonymous111-05-2013
I am a muslim boy. Todays generation it is really tough to find a good girl. I want everyone to make dua for me so that I meet with the girl Allah has planned for me to marry. Pray for me so that I find that beautiful, pious, obedient girl soon.
for marriage proposalsAnonymous211-04-2013
asalamalikum m very tensed as coz of me my parents are tensed as m 25 n m ntt gettn any proposals so plz pray for me tat i shud get marry as early as possible as i hve my youngr sis too
please pray for getting back my spouse foreverAnonymous511-04-2013
please pray for getting back my spouse forever
my husband goes to another womenAnonymous4210-30-2013
iam 24 years old and married for 8 years.. i have four daughters and one son.recently i have a baby son before one month, now my husband behaviour is not fair with me and i noticed that he goes to another girl,and when he come home he always ignore me and even his 5 kids...when ever i ask him why he is doing this.. he had only one sentence get out from my home.. i am afrraid i have 4 girls , i dont want to destroy my home.. please say dua for me as this is the matter of 5 kids..may ALLAH give u return of this..
for a visakalungi ibrahim1710-29-2013
am 23yrs i am an orphan without both parents am living alone and struggling with life i applyed for a usa visa bt i would like prayers for me to get that visa
For my marriageAnonymous1610-29-2013
Aslamwalikum,My parents are searching Alliance for me,but not able to find,I have lost my dad recently also,pls pray for me.
wana marry the guy who i loveAnonymous1410-27-2013
im a married woman n i was force to marry to a guy who isnt my choice, n nither i love him. im in love wid a another guy since my college days, but his parents never approved for our marriage. its been 2months since im married. i doubt that parents of my guy has had done some magical spells since he is not ready to accept me now. i want to divorce him and marry the guy i love. because i dont find my husband religious and im not happy with him. i want my love back in my life. and want our parents to agree with our relation. i want my love to face all the problems to get me anyhow. please pray for me. and send me dua by which i get him back in my life.
return home for my daughter and sonAnonymous510-27-2013
they left home and for me nothing to live . both of them have girl friend and boy friend they dont want study or get married not listening at allplease pray both come back home and livve nice decent life I am praying i want you to say ameen May Allah change their hearts and return to home AMEEN
prayer for my husband Anonymous710-26-2013
I’m married since 3yrs. My husband got divorced to his first wife and after 2 yrs he married me. Everything was fine by the grace of Allah then suddenly since 2 yrs my husband’s first wife entered his life again illegally. She is after my husband’s wealth. My husband refused her. But when he didn’t agree she did black magic on him and now he is totally under her spell. My husband stopped praying and even started drinking alcohol. He stays in India and I’m in Saudi Arabia. I went to him last few days but he ill-treated and I came back to Jeddah. That lady even has 2 kids. She has just ruined my husband. Daily my curses are with her. Pls brothers and sisters do pray that magic spell done on my husband breaks soon and he comes to me. And do curse that lady her name is Hanan. In Islam black magic is totally haram. Pls do pray for me. JazakAllah khair..
My daughter getting married she could find a nice boy who is caring and loving
Love MarriageAnonymous1210-21-2013
please pray for me that the person i love, his mum agrees and accepts me. And i get married to the person I love without everyone's blessings and happiness.
Settle abroadAnonymous910-20-2013
I want to settle abroad. I have been trying really hard. Please pray for me. Thanks
Soul MateAmina deen510-16-2013
Pray unto Me - Let my life pardner, soul mate reveal to me, someone who walks with God.
faithful departed souls & souls in purgatoryAnonymous210-16-2013
My father KD Kalam and brother, Bunty Nazim and My grandfahers, grandmothers, uncles and aunts and cousins. hank you. ameen.
husband to come back and love me back and our child the way he uAnonymous1510-16-2013
Please make duwa prayers for me for my husband to cancel talaka quickly that he wrote,i want my husband to love me back quickly the way he used to do and to come back for me and our child and he should look at me as his wife not as an enemy the way he does,he should stop abusing my mother and father the way he does.All evil done on me and him should go away and Allah to show him the truth of people doing evil.I want him to become a good husband and caring father to our child.Let him not marry another wife as he is already promising from where he is.Let him start calling me on phone quickly and keep intouch as he had promised before he left a month ago.Inshallah
tocome back home and my son with ALLAH"S blessing go to us med scholl in July 2014 he has very good macd and gpa but something making him running away home not applying to med school please pray may ALLAH reward all Ameen
Please pray for my son he get into MED SChool in USA and come baAnonymous410-11-2013
please pray for my son to come back home and get into med school he has very good gpa and mcat but he changed in last two months left home dont anser phone never care for any thing such shout on me he hates me does't want see me