Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi
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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
HELP ME OUTAnonymous210-10-2013
for husband to come back home Anonymous810-06-2013
i kicked my husband from home coz he had an affair few years ago.i want to stay wiyh him can u please tell me somthing to read to he come back home. i said to him to come home but he said not please
Please dua for my daughter and son to come back home I keep on praying please ask Allah(SWT) forgiveness for me
abt sister marriageAnonymous809-30-2013
plz pray for my sisters marriage,who is very cruel, and does not follow any islam rules. we are very fed up of her.
for my marriageAnonymous1409-29-2013
Assalam alaikum. Iam only daughter. Please tell me some dua to read. My parents love me lot. My age was 22. There big worry was about my marriage. Some alliance was coming. But that was not liked by my parents. If my parents like they are asking so much dowry. We cant give that much. Please tell me a dua. What I want to read. Iam not so fair this also one reason they reject me. My parents are hurting so much. I want my parents happiness. And also my relatives not caring fr my family. They dont want me to settle in gud family. Please tell some dua to change their thought and care on me and my family. Iam sorry if my english was not correct. Please help me to get married with good person who care me and my parents. And please pray for me brother and sister.
bad rumores lies about sonAnonymous709-27-2013
Please make dua for my son
I have been looking for a wife for him for 2 years, but someone is spreading lies and bad things about him which I know are lies, I need a dua that will stop people saying lies and for getting him married quickly to a good wife inshallah
me and my husband were happy. but his sisters are obstacles they feed him with hatred against me. and he does not respect me even in front of them. he always supports them and says its my fault he says he loves me. he has this fear of them that even in there presence he is so scared to look at me. he disrespects me does not listen to me. if his sisters jus say it once he goes runnning to there house to do there job. they are obstacles how do i remove them. it is so bad he says he wants to leave me and ring my parents. they said to him go to pakistan and he hasgone. i feel so upset. what can i do is there any wazifa for this problem to bring him bck to me and for him to respect me and treat me like a proper wife and also not let them bother him .
Please prey for my son so he can get marriedAnonymous509-23-2013
Please prey for my son who has been proposing for marriage but he is being turned dawn. He is handsome well settled but no luck so far.
I would like you to make dua so that my husband take care of meFatima Ismail-Davids609-19-2013
He is not working & i have to pay for everything. buy food pay bills. he is also taking drugs
Marriage with Married womanAnonymous609-18-2013
i love one girl she is married, she also love me, pls send me dua of love marriage with her.
Dua for her to come backAnonymous1109-13-2013
I love a girl and want to marry her only please make dua for me that will be reunited again so that I can marry her I really love her
MAKE DUA TO MY HUSBAND TO REMOVE CURE Return back those person mjohaira hadjiunos Pacasum509-10-2013
Assalamo alaykum w.w. now im very sad this happened to my husband, we have two children girls..we loved each other..very kind polite..understanding..very helpful..i supported him..Astagfirullah some one lady want him and flirt him..during ramadhan my husband make fitna for her..because she do some black magic with him. Until now my husband he dont like me..he dont have time for me..my husband change everything he is not him..every body who saw them they dont like the lady..that she done to my husband..my husband forget my kids..me..but the problem they commited sin they are not marriage..they are living in one room..Alhamdulillah i increase my eman to be patience..i didnot make any trouble..yesterday i visited them to forgt them..and i saw my husband not like him..he treat me like friend..we eat together and the lady eat with him in one plate..i acceptes it..brcause Allah guide..me ameen one day my husband return back to me abd away from black magic ameeen..so please help my husband and our good relation will return back ameen to away fitna and make tawba ameeen ..jazakhaAllahu khairan...
Dua request to marry the girl I loveAnonymous1609-08-2013
Please make dua for me so that the girl I love comes back and she becomes a Muslim in order for me to marry her
jisse mai chahti hu usse mera nikah ho jaeAnonymous109-05-2013
actually mai ek ladke se bohot pyar karti hu.. Or woh ladka bhi mujh se muhabbat krta hai... Lekin ladke ki family is rishte k liye razi nhi hai.. Ladke ki mummy bina koi reason bs mana kr rhe hai.. Bs dua krna allah tala unke dil mein reham ata farmaya or khair or khushi s unko mere ghar rishta le kr bheje.. Huzur k sadke mein bs dua kijiye mera nikah mujhe krna hai waha ho jae.. Aamin.. Bs dua kijiye
pls make dua for my husband to love me and my childAnonymous409-05-2013
assalamu alaikum,
I am married 3 yrs before and having a beautiful male child. My husband is not loving me or my child, he s more affectionate towards his mother and brothers. He is very harsh towards me. he doesnt speak much wit me and dont want to care me. he used to fight with me and wont talk for long duration. those times i used to cry a lot and pray whole nights but he s still d same. no change in him...Still now I dint feel any of his love for me.. feeling very bad. Please make dua for me that my husband should love both of us and have to take care of us....
dua for my husband to love me and my childAnonymous1109-05-2013
assalamu alaikum,
I am married 3 yrs before and having a beautiful male
child. My husband is not loving me or my child, he s more affectionate towards his mother and brothers. He is very harsh towards me. Still now I dint feel any of his love for me.. feeling very bad. Please make dua for me that my husband should love both of us and have to take care of us....
get married to the man i loveAnonymous1209-01-2013
i have been living for a man since the last twenty years serving him in all ways i can..but he is not a muslim by birth and is thinking of marrying another woman..i request allah to show me the truth of my relation and let him come to islam and marry me so that we can live the most creative life on this earth..this is my most ardent wish in this life..twenty years of my life are gone for this man...i dont want to be left alone at this stage of life..i truly love this man but dont know what allah wants of me..please please please pray for me so that allah guides me in the right direction and let me have the soulmate i crave for so badly
i request my soulmate be made my husband at the earliest by allahs guidance.i want to know if the path i am pursuing now is right in allahs path
I miss my husband pray that we can live together with Allah blesAnonymous508-26-2013
My husband is far from me in other country, please pray that he came to me really soon with Allah blessing i miss him so much may Allah bless us to happliy live togther Ameen......
Assallah Walaikum, I have sent my application to the university that i wanted acceptance in and have been placed on the wait list. My parents have high expectations from this acceptance but i have not yet heard back from the university yet. Please if you can make a dua that i get accepted into university for this September 2013 then i will be greatly honored and humbled and may Allah Subhana watallah will bless all of you and grant you space in Jannah. I really wish that i get in because more than me, my parents are waiting for a reply and they will be heartbroken if i don't get in. Jazakallah once again and may Allah bless you