Dua Requests


“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘and same to you.’ “
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Special PrayerAnonymous006-02-2018
Want to be back with my wife with Allah's will.
Success Moosa Mayat005-25-2018
Please make dua that Allah that grants me success in my life.
Dua for Marriage Zareena Shah005-25-2018
Assalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters, I recently had the most wonderful man come to my house with his family as we want to get married. My family all liked him but his family do not wish to proceed. We have both had great difficulty in the past when trying to get married. I am desperate beyond words. Please make sincere dua that Allah (swt) opens up a way for us. Please. May Allah bless you for your help. Your sister in Islam.
Friendship and happiness Anonymous005-12-2018
Please make dua that my friend passes her exams and stays in university as she is the only true companion I have in university and I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my university life, thank you
Make dua I get a first class honours in all of my modules.
Dua for deliverance and safetyAnonymous003-31-2018
Please make dua for my protection and safety. People are causing me misery and saying bad things about me.
Please make dua so I can pay off my debtsAnonymous003-16-2018
I have been suffering from financial problems for a few years, and things have never really gotten better even though I pray and make dua. Right now I am at my worst point ever, I owe way more per month than how much I earn, my parents do not know of my situation and they expect me to pay off their mortgage and my fiance does not know and she expects me to pay for marriage very soon. If suicide wasnt haraam I would have killed myself years ago. Please make dua that my situation improves. JazakAllah
Pray for me I have problems.
Prayer for good fid duniya wal akhiraAnonymous009-10-2017
I request dua that Allah wioe away my sorrow, grant me shifa and put baraqah in my dealings
Dua for Repair of Damaged ReputationAnonymous006-07-2017
Salaam, Kindly please make dua for Allah to remove a black magic curse that was put on me by an enemy to cause me to lose my friends, family, reputation, and career. I also ask for prayer to repair the damage done to my reputation as well as protection, success, health, and blessings hereafter.
Please pray that I settle down, get a wife, and have kids.
Desperate, depressed, burden, hard, cryingHajer Ibrahim003-30-2017
AlsalamuAlaykum brothers and sisters, I have some dilemmas, please read, there are more serious ones towards the end. I am under depression and clinical anxiety and things became much worse for me. I cannot take it anymore I am really desperate. I have a new story dilemma and it’s like I CANNOT escape this hardship at my work. School is tough and on top of that I have this work life to deal with. It’s becoming a big burden on me. My name is Hajer Ibrahim and I am a 24 year old female currently in second year pharmacy school towards my PharmD degree alhamduliAllah Allahuma Barekli. I have been under major clinical anxiety. Please make Duaa I get 100% A+ on my Final on Tuesday for the class called "6209 – Pharmacy Practice 9" and 100% A+ in the class (it is a very very very hard class and I have been studying nonstop) and also to get straight A's in pharmacy school from now on and be on the Dean's list for the spring 2017 semester, fall 2017 semester, spring 2018 semester, fall 2018 semester, and spring 2019 semester and get straight As from now on including the class and classes I am currently taking ya Rab and that I obtain a residency after graduating from pharmacy school in May 2019 with highest honors and pass the board exams of NAPLEX, CPJE, and MPJE, and get a board certification of BCPS, and get a residency ya Rab. And that for my job at Rite Aid, I work maximum 4 hours a week and they fall on Friday evenings, and that I become the beast treasurer for my honor society, and that I become happy ya Rab. I have a dilemma at my job. My boss asked me to work yesterday (Wednesday) and so I did. The day he asked me about working Wednesday he also asked me about Thursday but I couldn’t and I receive a text what time I am coming in and I said I cant he said he needs me but I cannot. I don’t understand why he never makes schedules and he is forcing me to come in on days that I cannot work and I have to give him a day even if I have something coming up or a huge exam the next day. I hate him so much. I hate the pharmacy I work at but I need this job so I can have it as work experience on my resume. Please make duaa that I only work 4 hours on Friday evenings please ya RAB ameen! And the other staff pharmacist is always rude. There are things I have not been trained to do and she keeps saying “I’m not gonna say anything” and laughs with sarcasm at me to the technicians and is always very rude. It emotionally drains me. I hate working with her. And I could not work today and he sounded angry that I couldn’t drop my life plans to come cover for someone who took off. Also last Friday I was NOT scheduled but he asked me the same thing what time I am going and I had the flu. But the technician who took off yesterday and today also took off for being sick and I covered for her. Seems like she’s allowed but I’m not. All he told me was “take Excedrin and Tylenol and eat” and come in and that day the staff pharmacist said “You better come your scheduled or they kick you out” first of all I was not scheduled, second she was very rude, third she always depresses me. I hate my life and I am scared they will fire me. Please make duaa for me that I never get fired. Please. Please make duaa for me that I only work for 4 hours on Friday evenings! Ameen! Ameen! Please pray I get an A in 6209 and for my job that I work 4 hrs or less a week and Allah makes my Job easy for me. Ya Rab, I Hajer Ibrahim, get an A in 6209 and all my classes 6209, 6210, 6999, and my classes in the next fall and next spring and rotations and that I work 4 hours or less a week on the days that are suitable for me that I email my availabilities and Allah makes my job easy for me. Allahuma Barekli. ya Rab! Ameen I am very depressed and crying please. Jazaak Allah khair. May Allah reward you and answer your Duaa's and mine Ameen!!! PLEASE brothers and sisters, I am anxious and depressed all the time and have been working very hard and I’m getting insomnia from this. I am very desperate. I am very anxious and desparate & in insomnia. All duaas are appreciated. May Allah reward you with even more! May Allah accept all your duaa's & mine! Ameen! Please if you can make dual for me & announce during salats & salat Juma & Umra Jazaak Allah khair. May Allah Reward you and bless you with much more and always give you health, wealth, happiness, success, and blessings. Ameen 🙂
Nothing is Impossible with GodAnonymous003-24-2017
Please pray for me. I am very depressed because had to forcefully leave my boyfriend; because of some obstacles. Pray to God for me to forgive the mistakes I done; and to lessen obstacles; and may God bring my boyfriend and I together in love.
Light at the end of the tunnelAnonymous003-13-2017
I would love for someone to help make a dua for me to help me find peace and happiness. especially so I can get physically reunited permanently with my boyfriend that I haven't seen in almost 2years. And failed attempts at seeing each other. we would like to get married and start our life together but that is impossible continents and oceans apart.
Get Regular and Instant IncomeAnonymous003-09-2017
Some people are using yantra, mantra, tantrik and yogic power to destroy my career. Kindly make dua for me that, i get regular and instant income forever.
Dua for marriage Anonymous003-08-2017
Please make dua that I get married at the right time with the best person for me, and that I am granted patience until then.
Due to get back my Boyfriend and marry to him.Anonymous908-29-2016
I had a boyfriend and he is younger to me and now he does not talk to me. Please pray for me that he comes back to me and marry me. Also pray for my health that Ihave neuropathy and my hands are painful.
Pass my DrivingAnonymous402-26-2016
Asalamu'Alaikam Wa RahmatAllah Wa Barakatuhu. Bismillah Hirahma Niraheem. Brothers and sisters can you please make duaa for me that I pass my driving test quickly. I have a upcoming test in 4 weeks and I'm really scared, I make a lot of mistakes. It's really upsetting my mum and I am very distressed. Could you please for the sake of Allah make duaa that I develop a strong interest in driving, my general awareness grows, I get confident at driving and don't make any mistakes. I pass my driving test quickly. Ameen.
May Allah SubhanatAllah reward you all
Sister Farha
staying as muslims with my boyfriend Anonymous302-13-2016
ASSALAM alaikum...kindly make a dua for my boyfriend to stay a Muslim for the rest of his life and soften the hearts of his family and we also stay forever happy as family until death does us apart
visa approvalShainazi nalwanga502-13-2016
Assalam alaikum,I kindly need a duwa for approval of my visitor visa to USA