Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi
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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Pass examAnonymous209-10-2020
I request everyone please pray for me to pass the entrance exam conducted on september 13 and get admission in government medical collage this year I have no enough money for me to study
Duaa to become RichAkinjide Agboola209-01-2020
Salam Alaikum, Please do for me Powerful Duaa to become Rich. Ma Salam!
Shahrukh and GulafshaShahrukh Alam208-28-2020
I really love Gulafsha (my girl friend) she never wanted to be engaged with someone else whom her family forcefully engaged her. She is not happy with this engagement god her parents does not want to understand our love for each other. I need her back god I really love her everything is messed up. I truly love her I want to marry her. We planned everything together to get settled, get married together and have kids but everything is messed up god please help me. Please give back my love and let me marry her god please I am begging you.
Mother I'll hospital Shahid Mohammed508-28-2020
In the name of Allah the most merciful #SincereDua | Dua for my mother ? Asalamu Alaykum, Please can I ask all my brothers and sisters to make sincere Dua for my beloved mother Taj begum. She is in northwick park hospital she is in intensive care she had cancer surgery Can I ask you all to ask Allah Al Rahman to make her good health, remove her sickness from her body as though it never existed for it is Only by His will she can be cured and remain healthy. O Allah bless her and all who are sick with a long healhy life Ya Rabb Ya Karim. Allahuma Ameen ??
Pray for me to respect all my family membersAnonymous108-26-2020
Pray Allah guide me to respect all my family members whenever I am with any of them please.
Pray I stop doing all lazy acts pleaseAnonymous308-26-2020
Pray Allah guide me not to do any form of laziness in my 20's please.
JobAmreen Taj108-25-2020
commitments it been already a month I don't have dad and brothers too me Nd my sister are earning she is getting only half pay.. please I request you to do dua
Marriage and akhirah Anonymous108-22-2020
Assalamu alaikum akhis and ukhtis, please make dua for me to get married to Ronit and for Allah SWT to grant me his companionship in jannah
Dua For ForgivenessAnonymous208-21-2020
Asalamoalaikum everyone, today on a blessed day of Friday I woke up to the news that my grandmother has passed away. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. I would like everyone reading this to please make dua for her forgiveness and an easy afterlife and may Allah SWT grant her a place on Jannatul Firdous. Ameen
Health & Spiritual healingGhazala sadi308-13-2020
Asalam o alaikum Dua request for my health and financial problems...... Since month I'm not well.... heart palpitations , stomach issues acidity diabetic numbness in feet hands, allergy , fatty liver etc please Dua request Jazakallah khair Allah hafiz
family Anonymous108-12-2020
please pray that my children stay on the right path, they find allah in their lives and are always guided by his love and belief - pray they do not stray from allah - make their iman strong in their hearts and actions. may allah bless my family and keep us all under his protection.
Bring peace back Anonymous108-12-2020
I have been divorced by my husband who treated me badly towards the end of the marriage - he left me for what I believe another woman. I have three children, who he has also left to go to another country. please pray for justice as he has been untruthful and divorced me for petty reasoning. please pray for h=justice and fairness and may allah repair what has broken in my heart and enable me to be the best person I can be for my self and my children.
My sick little birdDanielle Kopinja208-09-2020
Please pray for my sick bird. Inshallah he will get better and survive. Thank you.
Health and wisdomJohannes Corneluis Coetzee208-03-2020
Please pray for me to Allah (God) in order to heal my body from anemia . The symtoms are fatigue , nosua , fainting , head ache , fast heart beat , bleeding hemorroids . I believe Allah (God) created me with love . Allah (God) is great and healing is a blessing. I love Allah (God) and I welcome Allah (God) into my life. With all do respect I not Muslim but I am unemployed for 7 years and I ask for wisdom. In order for me to earn a living and to become wealthy . At age 44 years I ask for blessing of true love together with fertility. I have struggled with erectyle dysfuntion , premature ejeculation and low sperm count. Pray for me to Allah (God) for a better life .
Dua for happiness Anonymous108-03-2020
Salam alakum brothers and sisters please make dua that I find happiness in my life and success for me. And my family and that all our hardships end and all our problems be solved
Request for dua to marry with my loveRasikh Sheikh 207-10-2020
Assalam wa Alaikum I pray to ALLAH that my sins be forgiven and prayers get answered soon. Amen. I want your prayers as well to make ALLAH give me the person I love and I've been asking for since months. And I need your prayers for that may ALLAH guide me and all of us. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR.
Marriage proposals Najiba Banouri 107-09-2020
Salam alakum brothers and sisters my name is Najiba please make dua that I get married soon to a handsome educated single Sunni Muslim guy that’s never been married and has no children. That he marrys me and that I become his only wife for life and the only woman in his heart for life and that he loves respects protects and supports me always ameen and that he keeps me happy always ameen and that I Be his only wife for life and that he respects my mom always and looks at her like his mom with a lot of respect
Beautiful Najiba Banouri 107-09-2020
Salam alakum brothers and sisters my name is Najiba please make dua that I become beautiful
Clear acne scars forever Najiba Banouri 107-09-2020
Salam alakum brothers and sisters please make dua that all my acne scars go away and never come back. I have suffered most of my life from acne then acne scars.
Solve all problems and worries Najiba Banouri 007-09-2020
Salam alakum brothers and sisters my name is Najiba please make dua that all my problems be solved and that all my worries end and that I find happiness