Dua Requests

“And your Lord hath said: Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer.” – Holy Quran (40:60)
The Prophet (pbuh) said : “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘Ameen! May it be for you, too’  ” – Sahih Muslim
“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” – Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
“Dua is the essence of worship” – Tirmidhi
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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Me and my friend "Gessi and Elli" are too ill, please pray for our health and healing of our illness
Urgent request for duaDaniyal Badar005-17-2020
Please make dua for my Phopha as he's in critical condition on ventilator due to Corona (COVID-19). Please pray for his speedy recovery. Jazak Allah Khair.
To Get The Person I WantAnonymous105-12-2020
Assalam 0 Alaikum I pray to ALLAH that your sins be forgiven and prayers get answered soon. Amen. I want your prayers as well to make ALLAH give me the person I love and I've been asking for since months. And I need your prayers for that may ALLAH guide me and all of us. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR.
To Get The Person I WantAnonymous005-12-2020
Assalam 0 Alaikum I pray to ALLAH that your sins be forgiven and prayers get answered soon. Amen. I want your prayers as well to make ALLAH give me the person I love and I've been asking for since months. And I need your prayers for that may ALLAH guide me and all of us. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR.
please make dua that Allah makes me start my prayers again, give me relief from debt and get me married soon iA
MerriageSehrisssh Fatima004-21-2020
Please prayer for me I want to merry with my desirable person thanks
Prayer for healthAnonymous203-09-2020
I am currently going through some health problems, please keep me in your dua that the problems are not too serious and Allah grants me ease from this suffering and all other brothers and sisters who are going through anything similar. May Allah grant us all good health, Ameen. Jzk
Health Anonymous303-09-2020
I'm suffering with the disease ALS MND. Please pray for my cure also pray for my wife and children.
Prayer for my parents Anonymous607-22-2019
Please make dua that my dad stops talking to other women and stops hiding things from my mum. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE dua that there are no more fights and arguments between my mum and dad and between my parents and my brother or any of my siblings. Please pray that Allah blesses our family with love and peace inshashalla
Dua Anis Ahmed207-22-2019
I request to make dua to solve all the personal problems in my family life as well as in my workplace which have been persistent for years and hamper my normal life. Also pray for my safeguard against all enemies.
Neighbor smoking marijuanaAnonymous207-20-2019
I have a neighbor that may be a criminal and is smoking marijuana enough that we smell it and it has been causing us health issues. We have tried to stop them and nothing has worked so far.
HealthVasanthi Madireddy007-18-2019
I request Du’a for my daughter M.V.Spandana that her abdominal scan reports are normal healthy safe showing that her abdomen is cured healed healthy completely that she is getting a safe normal healthy diagnosis from Drs ruling out surgery Allah meribeti par reham keejiye hamate Du’a kubool keejiye Ameen
Healing for health Vasanthi Madireddy107-05-2019
I request for a Du’a for M.V.Spandana that her health issue is a very minor one easily cured by medicines that there is no growth in her body she is totally protected from surgery growth or any issue that it is a false fear of her and that she is perfectly cured Allah meri beti per reham keejiye use teekh kar deejiye Ameen
Medical entrance examinationSyed Ramsha205-25-2019
Assalam alaikum, Brothers and sisters please make dua for me that i qualify my medical entrance examination and get a medical college in my own city. Jazakallah khair.
Lack of concentration & problem in decisionsKhursheed Bano105-21-2019
I m Khursheed Bano D/O Sakina (Hyderabad, Pakistan). I cannot concentrate & decide my daily life both big & small issues. Also my belongings are scattered everywhere in home, my room looks like total disaster, nothing on place. Plz pray for my mental concentration & my room / belongings be well settled. JAZAKALLAH KHAIR
Salam alaykumNajiba None005-11-2019
Salam alaykum please make dua i become rich
Salam alaykum brothers and sisters Najiba None305-11-2019
Salam alaykum please make dua that i get a full time job and be able to keep it without getting fired and tha i get good salary always and that god protects me always because im a muslim woman.please make dua my hardships end that i find happiness that i become educated that i go far in math and become an expert in math and get my college diploma wity the highest marks. And always be able to find amd keep a job in my career feild wiithout getting fired and that i do my job well always that my boss and everybody be happy with me and my work .and that i get paid good salary always . please make dua i marry a handsome educated single guy my age soon thats never married and has no children .that he marrys me and makes me his only wife for life ameen .and that i be the obly woman in his heart that he loves me respects me protects me and supports me always ameen .and that he keeps me happy .please make dua i find happiness and sucess as iv been through years of problems hardships and trauma that i didnt deserve i had many people hurt me ans many horrible stuff happen to me.i just want to end my misery but dont feel there is anyhting that can make me feel better i dont have the heart nor the strength to hurt the people who have hurt me .im a quiet person but im not a doormat for my realatives meaning my cousin to do what they did to me i just belive what answer will i have to tell god if i ever hurt anyone back but then the feeling inside is im miserable.and i feel im takeb advantage and they convinced the world they were the victims and i was the bad one .and everyonr hates me .i just leave it to god as i dont belive i revenge and belive god makes the best decisions i just want to find the streangth to forgive myself for what iv been through and stop blaming myself just because the world blamed me because and that made me feel more low just because my cousin h i dont to say is popular and ruined me he lives in canada also .i just want to moe on from the numerous bad horrible tramatizing things iv been through and create myself a better future im 32 years old and have to start now from the bottom .im getting older by the day and living with my poor mom. Please make dua i achive9 my goals in life become independ with a good stable job im able to keep at least start there .
Please make dua for my fatherAnonymous005-05-2019
Please make dua for my father for healing, he has cancer and is in pain. He is a good man who has dedicated his life to helping others. Please make dua for full healing (Shifa2 al Tam). He is named Sameeh ibn Bahiya. Thank you kind brother/sister for your duas.
Exams ResultAnonymous005-03-2019
Please Pray For My Exams Result. Pray For My Good Marks. Pray That I Will Passed With 800 Or More Marks.
AOA, Please brothers and sisters. Please pray for me and make dua. I have been struggling for many years. Make dua that Allah give me wealth and money for me and my family and for all those in need. I make dua but it doesn't work. Maybe If you make dua for me than Allah will listen.