Eye Language in the Bedroom

Ahlam Yankssar

Several scientific studies have approved that lovers usually look at each others eyes when they speak and not their lips or nose or tongues.

Despite silence, the few seconds glance could say what lots of words couldn’t say as the wife can read lots of love, passion, sympathy and affections in these glances. She can read in those glances

” you are beautiful… I like you…we complete each other… I’m always taken by what you say…etc”

and the husband could read

” you captivate me… I enjoy you overwhelming love…etc”.

And there is more than these feelings and passions in the eyes as warm eyes can carry out an explosion of love and affection that no other senses can do.

There is no doubt that eye meeting in the bedroom is not normal, but they are tools that helps paving the way for a bigger meeting and it plays an important role in achieving harmony between the couple and encourages the wife’s emotional impacts.

Pupil of the eye:

Some researchers considered the eyes to be the first and most used way for romantic expressions.

One of the expert doctors in this field says: human being can’t willingly control his eye pupils. But he can stimulate them to enlarge them. It’s known that when a person sees beautiful, comforting and nice scenes like flowers, green meadows or the face of his beloved one, his eye pupils gets unwillingly enlarged.

Thoughts and talks have their roles in this as well. And to achieve this psychological refreshment and to learn the magic of eyes the couple should:

1- Try to enlarge their pupils when exchanging intimate and romantic conversations.

2- Look straight to each others eyes as if they were looking at an open sea.

3- To look on the most beautiful feature on the face like dimples or lips so the eye pupils get stimulated, enlarged and give the comforting feelings.

4- Concentrate on the person’s beauty and characters and what makes him/her unique from others. The eyes should show that the partner is happy to be close to him/her.

5- Banish all excessive shyness, nervousness, inconfidence and negativity that make the forehead frown and the eye pupils small.

Eyes don’t hide these magic… And eye’s colour has no effect in accomplishing this happiness or ecstasy as brown, blue, green or black eyes are equal in getting to the eye nerves and exploding love and passions. And when the couple’s thoughts are warm and great towards each other, then eyes can’t hide them.