Faithful Star

By Sabri Ajman

Once I looked up to the sky
in the night and I saw
bright  star sparkling there
in the darkness of the night
and I said who are you?
what are you doing over there
tell me please,
tell me who put you over there
she looked down at me
with a smile on her face
like a rose in the shadow of the bush
little one don’t you know?
why it is that I am standing over here?
it is Allah who made me
and made you and the earth
then I said pretty one
tell me please tell me how
how to be just like you
very pure, very high, very nice
once again pretty face shined again
little one listen well
little one take good care
fear Allah every where
worship him night and day
then I said pretty face pray for me to Allah
I thank you pretty face
I love you for your care

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