Girls of the ummah!

By Bint Pandor

You got a scarf on your head
But jeans that stick to your skin
Your stomach is revealed
You’re into the SIN

When asked what you are
Your culture you name
Muslim don’t cross your tongue
What a pity what a shame!

You take pride in the tops
That reveals your back
Cleavage not an issue
It’s with the pack

Now it’s fashion to wear the scarf
In the way you do
Julia Stiles did it in save the last dance
Now you should too!

Your hair it is styled
With the gel and the mouse
You got the hip hugging jeans
With the matching shoes

You wake up at dawn
To apply your face
So guys can pick you up
What a disgrace!

You infuriated girl
Hit the road of the west
Your born in the truth
But you observe the rest

You do the dating scene
And the kissing guys
You think they’re the world
Open your eyes

Encouraging Muslim boys
To do the same?
But it’s all-good,
With the Muslim name

At least he is Muslim
That’s what your friends say
Encouraging a ummati
In the same way

Your life revolves around him
Your heart it does the dance
Pitiful are you
Within haram romance


Life doesn’t travel
Farther than the grave
It’ll pass you faster
If the world you crave

You think your getting educated
When you hit the school
But they’re playing you like puppets
You’re the fool

And those who do fear god
Those whom you tease
When you toss in the flames
They’ll cool in the breeze

Don’t you love the prophet?
Who was stoned for you?
Whose last words were for us?
Who came with the truth

The mothers of believer
Who cast their gaze down?
The best of the women
Upon you they would frown

Disgusting girl have some shame within you
While they cast their gaze down, you stare right through

While they feared Allah, the alone the True
You think the only problem is if people see you

What would my parents say, will I be allowed out again
Society will gossip, it’ll be the end

But little do you assume about the end that is near
And if only your death and Allah you fear

But you know the truth, there’s only so much I can say
And the guilt only lasts before you go back to the way

So before you turn back and to parties you attend
There is one small thing I do recommend

No matter where you go and what you decide to do
Just remember that Allah is always around you

Fear him more than being ‘caught’ fear him there
And when you start to realize, then you’ll start to care

And the rest of the girls will disgust you true
If it worked for me it can work for you

Taste the sweetness of the veil and cover up well
And make the hereafter your eternity in Jannah you’ll dwell

So take off the shamelessness, throw off the nudity
Be a Muslimah stand proud most of all as an ummati !