Give Me Some Sparkle

By Dr. M. A. Farooq

Ya Rabbi! O my Rabb!!!!

I want to say the most gracious things
But what I really shouldn’t, I say,
Help me with your loving touch
So that my words brighten someone’s day.

I want to do the most wonderful things
But what I really shouldn’t, I do,
Guide me with your inspiration
So that I can carry my life through.

I want to dream the most beautiful dreams
But what others say so difficult I keep dreaming,
Tell me more about that everlasting Garden
Just the mention of which keeps my face beaming.

I want to think the most hopeful thoughts
But my mind just wanders around,
Whisper to me again your words of assurance
So that thought for others in me abound.

I want to write the most happy writing
But my pen fails me in what I write,
Why don’t you make me Your pen
So that my words can reach new height.

I want to paint the most lively painting
But stale and lifeless is what I paint,
Give me some sparkle in my life’s brush
So that I don’t portray a perfect saint.

I want to sing the most melodious song
But even I am not moved by what I sing,
Let my voice play the tune of your love
So that to some soul joy may it bring.

I want to be like you want me to
But often I find my wish is not my command,
Help me harness the power from your blessing
So that my mind becomes your wish-wand.