Goliath The Cat

Goliath was a lazy old cat during the day
He’d lay under the sycamore tree and snooze
If ever you walked by him, he’d look deader than a rock
But, if you startled him, he’d jump clean out’ta his skin

When dusk would come around, ol’ Goliath would snap to
Just like a rubber band stretched too tight
It seems like if he was any tighter, he’d have exploded

He’d run down along the river in our big ol’ hay field,
tryin’ to catch mice or chasin’ snakes slitherin’ in the weeds
Just like clockwork, all night, every night 

Along come daybreak, he’d be a runnin’ home,
cause he’d hear Ma ringin’ the bell for breakfast
Always first in line for corn cakes and bacon
Fat as a bloated pig, Goliath must’a weighed thirty pounds

He was good as gold, and the same color to boot
Lazier than the Mississippi rollin’ down to the Atlantic
We’ll miss Goliath. Forever!

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