I Have Emptied My Heart

By Dr Shahid Athar

For a long time I treated my heart
Like a big trash can
Filled with vain desires
Like a pagan’s Kabah
Filled with worthless idols
Now I have emptied my heart
Cleansed it inside and out
Polished it all around
For the new resident to come
And live forever
No one lives here anymore
I have kicked everyone out
Neither there is lust
Nor tempting wealth
Nor false pride
Eyes have dried up
All sores healed
No pain no more
There is no darkness
Only “light upon light”
I am sad no more
I am filled with joy
My beloved is coming
To live in my heart
The new resident of my heart
Is the One who gave me the heart
Gave me feelings and love
Then took it away

In my heart now
He will live for ever
Without any partners
My heart will beat only for Him
My lips will sing
Only for Him
Song of “lailahaillAllah”
There is no God except one God