Islam: The Colour of Life

A long time ago I asked to a lovely star
a question whose answer was for me too far
The rainbow has got six colours which I adore
but what are these colours of the rainbow for

The star smiled and a shell she gave me
with six beautiful pearls in it that formed the key
red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet
and each colour has its own story, she said:

“The smell of the red roses that covers your life’s way
will lead you to the right and forbid you to go ashtray
so follow this smell and taste the fruits of your good deeds
then you’ll know how important it is to plant some more seeds

And on your way, you will see more and more light
light that’s able to blind you even of the darkest night
but always remember to give this plant of light water of faith
before that time will pass your sense and it’ll be too late

And do not scare if waves will embrace this normal routine
cause that’s a test that controls if your heart really isn’t unclean
Just find the golden tree and pluck the blossoms at any price
only then you will be able to reach the door of Paradise”

After these words, the star disappeared
I started to think about everything I had heard
but one thing I still didn’t understand
cause what is the basis of this dreamland

I opened the shell again and became very calm
when I saw the pearls forming the word Islam
so that’s the aim for which I have to strive
open my heart for Islam, The colour of life.