Just Remember

By Imad Ansari


Remember oh believer,
The command of the divine
The five pillars you must uphold,
In their noor you must shine.

Recite the Kalimah,
Always keep it in mind,
Greater it is in weight,
Than the heavens and earth combined.

Remember your salat,
Say it five times a day,
For unsuccessful are those,
Who do not pray.

Remember zakat and of course haj and fasting,
The benefit of each,
Will surely be ever lasting.

Remember that day,
Which has been foretold,
When only your deeds will remain,
Not the status or wealth you hold.

When the trumpet will sound,
Will you then realize your blunder,
Too late!! The earth will shatter,
The heavens will split asunder.

Every soul will die,
And then each one resurrected,
Falsehoods and misconceptions,
Will all be corrected.

That day you will stand,
With the rest of creation,
Infront of your lord,
To be granted mercy or face the retribution.

When the judgment begins,
Every action you will be made to remember,
The choices that you made,
To their fate you will have to surrender.

So remember and reflect,
For this lesson you must learn,
To Allah we belong,
To him is our final return…

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