By Shezana Muhammad

Tonight I sit and wonder
Why the things that happen do
I want so badly to deny them
But sadly they are true.
So much pain and hate around us
I don’t know what to do
I want to close my eyes and disappear
But of course that wouldn’t do.
But now I know, why a hermit
Chose the life in which he leads
There are too many things around us
That begs our hearts to bleed.
The world is too much with us,
And no matter how far away
We still hear his desperate cry
And feel him pleading us to go astray
Ya Allah, My Lord
Please help me in what I do
Am I to really believe
That all these things are true?
Please my Lord, Guide me
In everything that is true
I am lost in this world
And I don’t know what to do
My Lord, My Lord
Please guide me, in everything that true
This world is too much with us
And I don’t know what to do


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