Love of the World

By Maalik


It is the right of those supposed to be free that we
but our nose and propose what could lead to be
a change of clothes for clones show them what they need to see
but instead, we chose to impose the status quo for peace
and the way they treat us shows they know that we in retreat
this revival goes to show we won’t accept defeat
and God only knows how we’ll snatch victory
but its already been foretold, a matter been decreed
so all that’s left to know, is that, do you believe?
are you ready to bleed to achieve, the ability to breathe
can you conceive can you see, what we need to be free
this piece of greed in me, reflects all that we
are taught from infancy, be the richest you can be
and that’s the reason given why we should seek
knowledge cuz its the key, to ease and currency
and the fallacy of this theory’s no mystery
I swear sometimes it’s like these people are asleep
zombies or like sheep, tell me what money will you keep
when you’re buried six feet deep?