Moving On

By F B Rasheed


Moving on

Day in and day out

From moment to moment

Nothing left out

Toward fulfillment of purpose

Already permitted

Keyed into nature

Perfectly fitted

Truth is what is

It’s what we face

Not always what’s desired

What occupies real space

What we must deal with

Or ignore or deny

Yet in final analysis

It stands, not the lie

That we tell or believe

How we’d rather things be

No the truth stands firmly

The lie has to flee

Before us

Future disrobes

Baring herself

With no shame or remorse

Placing before us

What we need see

Naked truth

Nude reality

Bashfully frightened

Ashamedly we observe

Oft times joyously

Never a retreat

True destiny

We must meet

That, once hidden

Comes forth

Into open view

Stripping veils

Off blinded eyes

Once muddled sounds

Now ring in clear

And please or beguile

The listening ear

Whether you’re

Ready or not

Reality makes its debut

Peeling back


Assuming cover up

And showing what

Really is real

Breaking open

The deceiving seal

Baring all

That’s always been

Tho’ hidden from view

As tho’ absent

Stripped now

Open and clear

What some had fear

Would be told

And yet others feared

Never would

Now open

–To all bared

People are saying that the time is at hand

For the total destruction of mortal man

That the signs of the times clearly relate

Judgment Day can no longer wait

When e’er they are called upon for some needed work

They come not out for it or else they shirk

Their excuse is that time is at its ends

So it’s useless to strive to make amends

Oh the reasoning they’re using to cover their faults

To pacify themselves and write responsibility off

Shall rise up and greet them in a hideous ugly way

For all things are open on the Judgment Day

Since the very beginning

Creation has been approaching its conclusion

It’s naturally closer now

There’s no need for confusion

The righteous Servants of the Almighty

Have no need to fear

An end far in the future

Or an end that’s very near

Stay ready

To avoid having to rush to get so

This simple principle

The wise people know

They understand

They’re not totally in control

They contribute what they can

To complement the whole

Unexpected turns

Still catch them off guard

But they’re never among those

Who take these turns too hard

They realize

The tests that are always at bay

And that passing

Is not to merely have your own way

But to make your way

The way to maximize

From any occurrence

To bag the best possible prize

Not to be overwhelmed

And fall into despair

But to keep moving on

Thus successfully we fare

Where unknown lurks

And we can never go

Mystery, intrigue, and fear

Challenge us in what we know

We dream dreams

Of what is beyond our reach

On bended knees

We oft times beseech

The Awesome

Compelling “I Am”

Looming also beyond our senses

To allow us Peace

And adequate Defenses

To keep ourselves from harm

And steadily moving on

In this life and beyond

Here and when we’ve gone

Moving on

Moving on

This is the object plain

As far as you can go

In smooth and rough terrain

Even beyond the perceived reality

To higher planes of truth

As far as can be traveled

Moving on


— aloof

Not being held back by

Concocted barriers

Neither time Nor matter

Nor space

Nor any slave making devices

Moving on

Throughout this place

And space beyond

As far as is possible to go

Into the outer reaches

Above all around and below

Into the locked up treasure houses

Creation’s secrets to learn

To extract the benefits

For the greatest good of all

To advance

— Moving on

— To earn

The salary

That’s been provided here for us

For the ones who strive and think

For the bounties are here

For the ones who work hard

And hereafter also

For the ones who shrink

Back from inhuman treatment of others

And temper their working

With civilized morality

And take care of the weak with mercy

And cause the strong to move with humility

Moving on

Is the challenge that faces us

And bids us toward improving our lot

That beckons us onto the universal stage

To come with all that we’ve got

To work to turn round failing values

To boost the faith in decency

To expose the weakness of ruthlessness

And show its supports

Which are really in what’s fair and just

That thieves depend on honesty among themselves

While being dishonest to the rest

So justice and honesty and truth

Are the principles that are supporting

Wherever support exists

Nothing has support but reality

Falsehood may seem to stand

But the illusion is in deceiving

Simple sleight of hand

Manipulation of body and mind

Along with manipulation of soul

All but the very elect

Give falsehood truth’s special role

They fail to see the scheme

They fail to break the encrypted code

They labor trapped by hidden language

Stressed with circuit-overload

Truth has to come recognized

To enlighten – brighten the way

Then those not bent on wrong-doing

Will easily see the way

For moving on

Moving on with deftness

Unshackled by the menacing death

That plagues those with yet beating hearts

Open eyes, movement and breath

Moving on toward eternal salvation

With due speed and with ease

Victors over the evil-one,

Poverty and disease

Moving on

Life’s main objective

Toward completion and excellence

Not mired in heightened sensation

Moving on

With balanced sense

Where to from here

The question rings out

What is the reason

What’s this all about

The answer echoes clearly

Back to those alive

Moving on

In truth and excellence

Is that for which we strive

So clear is the writing

Placed upon the wall

And through out the creation

Readers will not fall

They read in the name of the Creator

Who created

And as the Creator designed to be read

And through this proper fulfillment of purpose

To eternal salvation we’re led

Moving on