My Allah, My Life

By Zeba Bukhari

This earth, this duniya, is a drop of a sea
The final destination, The Akhirra, which is beyond infinity

This test and trial makes me blue
Fighting shaytaan is the hardest thing I ever had to do

Years and days will quickly go by
To Allah alone I cry, who will always stay close by my side

Allah has commanded us to give Zakah and Pray,
This Deen is of Allah and his Messenger, not some play
So let us repent for the sins we commit night & day

My days are lonely and they are cold,
My goal is to obey Allah as my days grow old & he takes my soul

Allah is present everywhere, Allhamdu lillah my connection with him is strong
He lives in my heart, his mercy and blessings are enormous & beyond

When I sacrifice and give up something for his sake,
In return he rewards me with something better in its place

My life is corrupted and my days are rough,
Sometimes my tests and trials get so tough,
But for the sake of Allah, it’s never enough

Allah & his Quran is my guide
If he wasn’t there for me, I’d break, swelter & die

My mother is gone far & away,
A visitor has descended upon her grave,
Comforting her & soothing her endless pain

She was in her Jahalliya days, Ya Allah only if she prayed!
Her Salaat & good Am’als would have saved her on this day

I know my mother is gone, and Jannah lies in her feet
She is distant from me, buried in too deep
If not in this world, then in the next we will surely meet

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