My Lord, My Life

We all Live a Life ..
We all fall in love ..
But for me yo….
My Love is Above ..
My Love is My Lord ..
My Lord is my Life ..
My Lord is the one who will give me heaven
And has given me Life

Everything I hold dear …
Has come from my Lord
How now can I ever ..
Disobey my Lord?
Cheat , Lie , and Slander ..
Break the Heart of my Lord?

How am I to be so Blind…
As to fall behind the righteous Line?

Is it beacuse of my Pride?
Is it beacuse I’m Blinded by this world?
Or People in society..
Played on by this world ?

Faulse hopes and desires..
Satisfied by this world

Makeing us think ..
We can have it ALL in this world

How is it that Yomal Khiyama …
Has become like a thought of the past ?

What makes us think that all this will Last?

That one day we won’t be asked …
Of All we did while on this Earth .

Then perhaps will we then say ..
We did much Worth?