New Grief

By Daud Mannion

New grief is a reminding pain,
of what is given will always be taken back again.
A blessing in disguise from Allah our Lord,
to prayer hurry and give all to the needy we can afford.
So little time we have here to remain.

Those who were faithful and true,
who knelt in prayer and love of Allah they knew,
we feel grateful to have known,
in Du’a we say thanks for the way they have shown,
an example for all, as older they grew.

Such wisdom can never be fully repaid,
the light of their deeds puts us all in the shade,
salat given as though it’s your last to give,
such good people teaching that by the sunnah we must live,
in this way better Muslims we were made.

Now to peaceful rest they have gone,
a new aim to our lives, to live doing so little wrong.
Teaching new generations on us duty falls,
pray five salat, go to Masjid when the azhaan calls.
This way, our children we will hope to mould.