Our Heart’s Desire

My heart cries out,for my love for you is so strong

For i know that from You i came,and unto You i belong

Like a moth to a flame,i am stuck to islam

With so many people around the world, I share this
powerful bond

We are LOVERS of Allah and of his messnegers and of
his blessed sheiks

We have been martyed by the sword of affection,and now
we swim in lovers lake

How lucky we are,to have fallen in love with you

This is the only love that will last for ever,the only
love that will remain true

You are our one true hearts desire

It is a blessing for us to burn in this noori, divinefire

My Allah,we stay alive knowing that you are near

We only desire to be with you,if death is the only way
let it come,of it we have no fear

Our hearts cry out,for our love for You is so strong

For we know that from You we have come, and unto You we belong