Our Shared Gift

By Daud Mannion

can u see this sun caressed future day?
A sky so crystal clear and blue, do you see yet?
this all so possible dream for which I pray,
so walk with me here,
please sister day-dream yourself here.

Waves gently lapping on a golden-sanded beach,
can you hear the waves, that gentle mellow sound?
if not then of day-dreaming allow me to teach,
but we need more sounds yet,
dreams, the best of art and hardest to beget.

from the waves a girlish squeal and then laughter,
as your youngest son, and my grand children play,
fond looks given him by my oldest grand daughter.
stop waving that crab at her,
or she may yet take it from you as Mahr.

You and my wife discuss a possible future match,
teenage love, a beautiful thing remarks your husband,
time yet before my grand daughter make’s her catch,
as I turn and to my wife and say
“let them reach 16 before we give her away.”

Protected from the sun under a parasol or perhaps two?
I know I intend on having the largest of families,
how many children in your dream family is up to you,
the wind yet gently speaking,
“Allah’s cool breeze to you I’m leaving.”

And smaller children our little gathering guard,
their parent’s, our grown children and their loved ones,
looking on sand castle scenes with fond regard,
is this too sweet a thing for us?
Should we wait for jannah to dream thus?

Please add your thoughts, further this dream refine,
I know you need cheering up my dear little sister,
so please feel this is your dream as much as mine,
no need to feel alone,
join me here and make yourself at home.

So I give this to you sister, our shared gift,
Leave all troubles wherever you happen to be now,
allow your mind to wonder and here to drift,
a friend’s hopes I wish to mend,
So this ethereal boon to you I send.

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