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Explaining the Categories of Knowledge of the Prophet ﷺ

Other Knowledge

Shaikh Dr. Haroon Sidat Given the vast canon of ḥadīth literature available to us, it is important, nay, imperative, that we situate statements of the Prophet ﷺ in their right context. To take a statement related to him without paying due regard to how it should be categorised and understood can result in manifest injustice […]

Imam Abu Hanifa’s ‘al Fiqh al Akbar’


Translated by Shaykh Abdur Rahman Ibn Yusuf and taken from his work Al Fiqh al Akbar Explained The Fundamentals of Divine oneness and True Faith [This treatise is on] the fundamentals of divine oneness and [tenets] upon which it is correct to base [one’s] belief It is obligatory [for a person] to state: I believe […]

What is Akhlaq ?


Dr. ‛Abd al-Karīm Zaydān   اَلخُْلُقُ فِي الُّلغَةِ اَلطَّبْعُ وَالسَّجِيَّةُ، وَفِي اصْطِلَاحِ الْعُلَمَاءِ كَمَا يعَُرِّفُهُ الْغَزَالِيُّ عِبَارَةٌ عَنْ هَيْئَةٍ فِي النفَّْسِ رَاسِخَةٍ، عَنْهَا تَصْدُرُ الْأَفْعَالُ بِسُهُوْلَةٍ وَيُسْرٍ مِنْ غَيْرِ حَاجَةٍ إِلٰى فِكْرٍ وَرَوِيَّةٍ. The literal meaning of the word khuluq is “one’s innate nature and habit”. And according to the ‛ulamā’, as defined by Imām […]

Eid al Adha in a Covid-19 world

Eid Hajj Topical and Current Affairs

Hundreds of thousands of worshippers have gathered across the world to perform the first day of prayers for the Eid al Adha festival.     Muslims in many countries around the world have started celebrating Eid al Adha, the annual festival of sacrifice. It marks the 12th and last month of the Muslim lunar calendar. […]

Pictures of Hajj with social distancing at Makkah

Hajj Topical and Current Affairs

29-7-2020 The annual pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah has been allowed to take place but with new measures, including less worshippers than previous years, to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus This year only 10,000 people already residing in the kingdom will participate, a tiny fraction of the 2.5million pilgrims from around the world […]

Israel is ridiculous, antiquated and based on lies about other people’s land, Seth Rogen says, but he’s afraid to tell other Jews

Topical and Current Affairs

Philip Weiss JULY 28, 2020 Writer/comedian Seth Rogen was on the Marc Maron podcast yesterday, promoting his new movie “An American Pickle,” which involves Jewish life in the U.S. Maron raised the idea of Jews moving to many places in the world after the Holocaust, and not to Israel. Rogen agreed: I think that’s a better strategy. […]

The Life, Works and Teachings of Jalal al-Din Rumi


William C. Chittick Jalal al-Din Rumi was born in Balkh in present-day Afghanistan in the year A.H. 604/A.D. 1207. 1 His father, Baha’ Walad, was a well-known preacher, jurisprudent, and Sufi who traced his spiritual lineage to Ahmad Ghazzali, brother of the more famous Muhammad Ghazzali and master of such well-known Sufis as `Ayn al-Qudat […]

European Muslims hail opening of Hagia Sophia Mosque

Topical and Current Affairs

Muslims around Europe hailed the opening of Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque to worship after 86 years with Friday prayer Muslims around Europe hailed the opening of Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque to worship after 86 years with Friday prayer, Anadolu Agency reported. Vehbija Secerovic, muezzin of the historic Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, thanked Turkish President Recep […]

Trump has expressed his admiration for Modi on a number of occasions

When I moved from India to the US, I believed in the American dream. Now I realize how terrifyingly similar both countries are

Topical and Current Affairs

I became an American groupie because the India of my youth was bedevilled by poverty and protest. Living in the US for the past two decades — and the George Floyd protests this week — have offered me a sharply different perspective John Kenneth Galbraith famously described India as a “functioning anarchy”, an ungovernable country which miraculously survived despite […]

The pandemic is testing the generosity of billionaires, according to a Washington Post survey of the 50 richest Americans

The pandemic is testing the generosity of billionaires, according to a Washington Post survey of the 50 richest Americans

Topical and Current Affairs

America’s love-hate affair with billionaires took an uncomfortable twist this spring: As the coronavirus spread across the country, both fans and critics wondered what these titans of capitalism would do to address this devastating health and economic crisis. The answer so far: Not much, when accounting for their vast personal fortunes. A Washington Post survey of the […]

TripAdvisor’s attitude to racism & injustice is ‘Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter’

Topical and Current Affairs By Kristyan Benedict – @KreaseChan Over recent days, we’ve seen numerous major companies around the world issuing statements of support for the Black Lives Matter protests. In truth, many feel hollow – paying lip-service to the issues raised by George Floyd’s horrific killing without looking inward at their own responsibilities. Take the intervention from online holiday […]

No place for racism in Islam

Akhlaaq Topical and Current Affairs

Islam with its universal concept of brotherhood rejects all artificial and man-made marks of distinction. When listening to the radio, reading newspapers, surfing the Net or watching television, we are confronted daily with the same sad news: Violence, crime, wars and disasters. This constant awareness of fear and tension should make us think what has […]

My Problem with Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories – Imam Zaid Shakir

Fasting and Ramadan Tips and Advice (Naseeha) Topical and Current Affairs

Imam Zaid Shakir is a Muslim American scholar and co-founder of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California. He teaches courses on Arabic, law, history, and Islamic spirituality.  There are a large number of books that discuss the coming of the Antichrist, known to Muslims as the Dajjal (The Great Deceiver). One can spend a lifetime studying […]

The rulings of Sadaqah al-Fitr

Fasting and Ramadan Zakat & Charity

  The following is a detailed essay on the rulings of Sadaqah al-Fitr, written by Mufti Faraz Adam. The great Hanafi jurist Ibn al-Humaam mentions, “Sadaqah al-fitr is compulsory upon every free Muslim.” (Sharh fath al-qadeer 2/285 Dar al-kutub al-ilmiyyah) All the scholars base their opinion on the following: Abdullah Ibn ‘Umar (Allah be pleased with him) […]