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President Trump, seen reflected in a television camera, speaks during a briefing in response to the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday.

Trump tells a damnable and murderous lie

Topical and Current Affairs

April 17, 2020 By Dana Milbank  Columnist   “It would have been so easy to be truthful.” Thus spake President Trump this week on the very day he surpassed the milestone of uttering 18,000 falsehoods during his presidency, as tallied by the Post’s Fact Checker. But on this day, Trump was not admitting to losing his own struggle with […]

Prophet Muhammad’s Incredible Tips for Surviving a Pandemic

Other Knowledge Topical and Current Affairs

(translated from the Spanish article) April 2020 1,300 years ago, the founder of Islam already recommended isolation and hygiene measures to combat infectious diseases José Manuel Nieves Frequent washing your hands, staying at home, not touching anything, isolating yourself from others … With the planet practically paralyzed and half Humanity confined to their homes, […]

Allama Muhammad Iqbal (رحمه الله)


Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938) is one of the pre-eminent writers of the Indian subcontinent, and the attention he has received from numerous writers, translators and critics in Western as well as Islamic countries testifies to his stature as a world literary figure. While his reputation is primarity as a poet, Iqbal has not lacked admirers for […]

The Mysteries of Purity

Other Knowledge

Being A Translation With Notes of The Kitab Asrar al-Taharah of Al-Ghazzali’s “Ihya’ `Ulum al-Din” By NABIH AMIN FARIS PREFACE Though one of the most important works coming down to us from Medieval Islam, no single part of the Ihya”Ulum al-Din appeared in English, or any European language at that, until Duncan B. Macdonald published […]

Ibn Arabi – A Prayer for Spiritual Elevation and Protection


‘Whoever recites this prayer will be like the sun and the moon among the stars’ This is a much-loved prayer  by Ibn Arabi. The Dawr al-a’la (‘The Most Elevated Cycle’),  also known as the Hizb al-Wiqaya (‘The Prayer of Protection’), is a prayer of remarkable power and beauty. It is said that whoever  reads it […]

Remains of a mihrab niche in the cellar of San Juan de Dios church in Ibn Arabi′s hometown of Murcia. At the time of Ibn Arabi′s birth in 1165, it was the site of Murcia′s principal mosque

The Life and Work of Muhyi-al-din Ibn Al-Arabi


R. W.J. AUSTIN The author of the Fusus al-Hikam or The Bezels of Wisdom was born on the twenty-seventh of Ramadan in A.H. 560, or the seventh of Au­gust, A.D. 1165, in the township of Murcia in Spain , which was ruled at the time by Muhammad b. Mardanish. His full name was Muham­mad b. […]

Muslim Historians

History Personalities

Ibn Ishaq (d.768) and Ibn Hisham (d. 218/833) Early Muslim historical writing was primarily concerned with the biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (Sirat Rasul Allah) and the first wars of Islam (Al-Maghazi). Muhammad Ibn Ishaq related the first known biography (Sira) of the Prophet (pbuh). This work no longer exists in its original form, but […]

What is Sufism ?

Dhkir Other Knowledge

Annemarie Schimmel – Mystical Dimensions of Islam In recent years many books have been published on Sufism and the spiritual life in Islam. Each of them has touched upon a different facet, for the phenomenon usually called Sufism is so broad and its appearance so protean that nobody can venture to describe it fully. Like […]

Chronological List of Relevant Muslim and Christian Scholars Who Wrote on Contagion in the Premodern Period

History Topical and Current Affairs

Ibn Sahl b. Rabbān al-Ṭabarī (d. after 240/ 855), Christian doctor who converted to Islam; lived in Sāmarrā’. Ibn Qutayba (d. 276 / 889), theologian, traditionist, and jurist; lived much of his life in Baghdad. Thābit b. Qurra (d. 288/ 901), doctor, mathematician, and astronomer from Ḥarrān; flourished and died in Baghdad. Muḥammad b. Zakariyyā […]

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf encapsulates mutual rights of the husband and wife to treat each other well and with kindness

Intimate Aspects of Marriage Tips and Advice (Naseeha)

(transcript of talk by Shaykh Hamza) In terms of what engenders and facilitates these relationships, one is really important, is Islamic etiquette so it’s very important just to remember that just like your brother you’re supposed to greet them with a smile. You’re supposed to do these things you do with people outside – sometimes […]

The Sufi path

Dhkir Other Knowledge

William C. Chittick More than a thousand years ago, a teacher called Ali the son of Ahmad, who hailed from the town of Bushanj in eastern Persia, complained that few people had any idea of what “Sufism” was all about. “Today,” he said, speaking Arabic, “Sufism is a name without a reality, but it used […]

Ibn Sina: An Exemplary Scientist

History Personalities

Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna in Latin and in the West) in his masterpiece The Canon of Medicine (United States National Library of Medicine, MS A 53) states that “Body secretions of a host organism (e.g., human being) are contaminated by tainted foreign organisms that are not visible by naked eye before the infection.” Let’s […]

Avicenna The Scientist Responsible For Quarantine

History Topical and Current Affairs

The Persian scholar of medicine, Ibn Sina (980-1037) suspected that some diseases were spread by microorganisms. To prevent human-to-human contamination, he came up with the method of isolating people for 40 days. He called this method al-Arba’iniya (“the forty”). Traders from Venice heard of his successful method and took this knowledge back to contemporary Italy. […]

The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

History Topical and Current Affairs

During the pandemic of 1918/19, over 50 million people died worldwide and a quarter of the British population were affected. The death toll was 228,000 in Britain alone. Global mortality rate is not known, but is estimated to have been between 10% to 20% of those who were infected.   “I had a little bird […]

Four historical lockdowns of the holy city of Mecca

Hajj History

1 April 2020 As Hajj pilgrimage is under risk of cancellation for this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, people ask: is it the first lockdown in history? Minister of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia urged Muslims on Tuesday to wait for a while before making plans to make the annual Hajj pilgrimage until […]

Can The Power Of Prayer Alone Stop A Pandemic Like The Coronavirus ? Even The Prophet Muhammad Thought Otherwise | Opinion

Topical and Current Affairs

17/3/2020 Dr. Craig Considine is a scholar, professor, global speaker, and media contributor based at the Department of Sociology at Rice University. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing governments and news sources to provide the most accurate and helpful advice to the world’s population, as the disease is indeed global in reach. Health care professionals are […]

Portrait of the 13th-century Persian poet and mystic Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi.

How a Persian Mystic Poet Changed My Life


My father recited Rumi to me as I grew up. I finally chose to listen. By Melody Moezzi –  writer and activist. Melody Moezzi is a visiting professor of creative nonfiction at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and the author, most recently, of “The Rumi Prescription: How an Ancient Mystic Poet Changed My Modern Manic […]


Mirza Ghulam’s Tirade against Jesus Christ

Other Knowledge

Mirza Ghulam’s Tirade against Jesus Christ(pbuh) (In light of his own Writings) Among his other claims, Mirza Ghulam also stated to be the Promised Messiah of the revelations and superior to Jesuspbuh, the son of MaryRA, in every aspect. However, when he became aware of the authentic teachings (Hadith) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(SAW) confirming the fact […]


UN rights office issues report on business activities related to settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Topical and Current Affairs

12 Feb 2020 GENEVA (12 February) – The UN Human Rights Office on Wednesday issued a report on business enterprises involved in certain activities relating to settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, in response to a specific request by the UN Human Rights Council, contained in a March 2016 resolution, that mandated the Office to […]

The History of al Tabari

How Reliable is “The History of at-Tabari”?

History Other Knowledge

Question: I noticed a few troubling quotes in Tabari, such as a narration about Abu Bakr ordering Fatima’s house to be attacked. Can you please tell me: how authentic or reliable of a source do we Sunnis view Tabari? Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. All Praise is due […]

President Trump listens to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during their announcement in the White House of Trump’s Middle East peace plan on January 28.

What’s New About Trump’s Mideast ‘Peace’ Plan? Only the Blunt Crudity of Its Racism

Topical and Current Affairs

From the administration’s perspective, Palestinian suffering doesn’t count because Palestinians themselves don’t count. By Saree Makdisi – professor of English and comparative literature at UCLA, is the author of Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation (Norton) and Tolerance Is a Wasteland: Palestine and the Psychogeography of Denial (forthcoming from the University of California Press). 30 […]