Poem to a Friend

By Daud Mannion 

Thanks I will show,
to gratefully let you know,
how good a friend you’ve been to me.
Made in near perfection,
so in words I show affection,
to the one who helped set my faith free.

How to describe,
such a one as you?
who held out a helping hand,
and helped me find what is true.

To have shown,
one who’s never known,
how to live purely, such a one is she.
Shows one kind,
to help one faith-blind,
for the first time to be able to truly see!

Best wishes to you,
soon to be connected,
to a soul-mate true,
a man who has in him your goodness reflected!

Now to happiness you go,
but before I must let you know,
although I feared this day,
I knew it was always eventually coming,
and to your love you would be running,
so I am happy for you and face it with little dismay.

So please accept,
I would like to give a hearty cheer,
to one who will soon be overseas but not forgotten,
Riffat our friendship I will always hold dear.

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