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To my Mother
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Author: Mahmoud Darwish
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I long for my mother's bread,
My mother's Coffee,
And my mother's touch...
Childhood grows in me,
Day after day,
And I love my life,
For if I die,
I fear my mother will shed a tear!

Oh take me, if I return some day,
As a veil for your eyelashes,
And cover my bones with herbs,
That turned sacred by your ankle,
And tie me,
With a strand of hair,
Or a thread, that dangles from your dress,
For I may turn to a god,
A god I will be,
If I ever reach the bottom of your heart!

Place me, if I return,
As a fuel for your fire....
And a clothesline on the roof of our house,
Because I have lost the ability to stand,
Without your evening prayers!
I have grown old, so give me the stars of childhood,
So that I could join the young birds,
In their journey home,
To your waiting nest.......

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