Pre-Nicean Christian concept of God: God is One, The almighty, The Creator, Establisher & Maker of the Universe

Pre-Nicean Christian concept of God: God is One, The almighty, The Creator, Establisher & Maker of the Universe

This is a short point by point evidence-based analysis, showing that for nearly 400 years after Jesus,  Christians adhered to his original teachings of Tauheed – the stern belief in the Oneness of Almighty Allah.   There was no idea or notion of the ‘trinity, which was only introduced nearly 4 centuries after Jesus.


The following has been highlighted by a researcher in Comparative Religions – and he uses the source “Early Christian Doctrines” by J.N.D. Kelly


1. Clement identifies The One God as The Father (for his role as the Creator&Author of all things) (At this stage there is ZERO mention of the Trinity) 


2.  God is One, Invisible, Has No Form or limits. No Sex (Genderless) 

Justin adds:

He’s Changeless, Without name, Ingenerate, Father, & Cause of all existence.


God is ‘The Father’ because He’s prior to all things,  He’s Immortal and with no Beginning




3. Even after the concept of Logos has evolved to ‘incarnate’ for the purpose of creation & revelation… Still, it was the result of an act of The Father’s WILL !!! 



4. According to Irenaeus, the 1st article of faith is: God the father, Invisible, Creator, the One & ONLY deity. Irenaeus further explains that Christ’s own words are testimony that this world has but this One Fabricator..the God proclaimed by the law & Prophets.



5.  Short conclusion: Early church fathers did NOT consider the Father as a member/person of a trinity… He was/is the One and Only God and author of ALL things.


6. So basically, Pre-Nicean Church Fathers believed that the Father is the one and only True God…& despite sinking in Hellenistic philosophy and believing in the logos’s incarnation, they still affirmed that the ‘generation’ of the ‘word’ was an act of God’s will & Not necessity

7. All early Church Fathers agreed that: – The title ‘God the Father’ connoted, NOT the 1st person of the Trinity, but the one Godhead, author for all that exists. – The Logos was date, & became known as ‘son’, only after it was generated for: creation, revelation & redemption..

8. By the 4th century, the true followers of al-Masih (peace be upon him) had been persecuted/killed (possibly even extinct) for practicing the mosaic law & with a huge sect of them believing that al-Masih was a prophet and not God. Many were killed, & some fled to other parts of the world..

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