Prophet Muhammed: An example of best character for mankind

by Abduljeleel Solahudeen

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the seal of all prophets and messengers of Allah. The prophets of Allah where sent to the world exclusively to guide mankind to the worship of Allah and establish justice on the surface of the earth. Almighty Allah(SWT) says in Suratul Hadid,

“Verily, We have sent our messengers with clear signs and we revealed to them books and gave them scale of justice (so) that they may judge (with equity) among the people …” Q57:25

The Prophet (SAW) as the most favoured and beloved Apostle of Allah excelled in all aspects of human endevours.

Regarding his character, he was nicknamed As-sodiq-Amin (the Honest, the trustworthy) by the Makkah Quarysh even before he (Muhammed) was commissioned a prophet.

Testifying to the Prophet’s excellent character, Allah(SWT) says,

“Verily, you are of the noblest of character.” Q68:4.

The whole world has much to emulate from this great man, whose beautiful culture has no equal in history. It was reported by Anas bn Malik that, “the Prophet (SAW) was the best man to live with (best in words and actions).” He further said, “I lived with him for a period of ten years during which he never rebuked me for any mistake nor did he ever said why did you do this nor didn’t do that.”  The mother of the faithful,  Aishah (RA) said, “the Prophet (SAW) never raise his hands to beat any child or woman and that he used to be just in dealing with his wives and children.”

As a man of extreme patience and perseverance, when he went to Ta’if in the 10th year of his prophethood to deliver the message of Islam to its people, the Ta’if people vehemently rejected him and sent their youths to stone him (Prophet Muhammad) out of their town. On his return, an angel appeared to him to seek his permission to destroy the city of Ta’iffor its rejection of the truth and persecution of the Messenger of Allah but Prophet Muhammad (SAW) disagreed, yet he sought Allah’s forgiveness for them and prayed for their guidance.

Also, as a man so blessed with the sprit of forgiveness and nobility of character, a Bedouin Arab entered his mosque one day while he was sitting with his companions and started urinating inside the mosque consciously trying to provoke the Prophet’s anger. The companions rose to stop and reprimand him but our noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked them to allow him to comfortably ease himself. After the man finished this dastardly act, he turned his back and left. The Prophet (SAW) commanded his men to get a big bowl of water and clean the filth. After a while, this same Bedouin Arab returned to the mosque confirming his faith in the message of the Prophet and accepted Islam.

The Prophet (SAW) was respectful to the elders and kind to the young ones. He preached and also demonstrated the act of securing family ties. He detested violence and encouraged peace. His spirit of generosity and magnanimity has no parallel in nature. He often held the down trodden in high esteem to make them enjoy the privilege of their existence. He preached equality and abhorred cheating and oppression. There has been no man in history whose record of purity of heart and nobility of character equals that of this choicest of all the Apostles and Messengers of Allah. His personality is an epitome of excellent culture and tradition. He was neither a racist nor a tribalist. Once he went visit a sick Jewish boy in the city of Medinah. He prayed for him to embrace Islam. This boy looked at his father’s face who told him to heed the call of Abu Qasim (SAW). This young lad embraced Islam and later died.

Scholars, religious leaders, preachers, community leaders, political office holders, followers alike have more than enough to learn and emulate in the character of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in all our effort to reform this society. Allah (SWT) said;

“Verily in the Apostle of Allah you have the best example for those who have the hope of meeting Allah and expect to stand before Him, then remember Allah most often  …” Q33:21

May Allah’s abundant blessing continue to shower on the gentle soul of this blessed Apostle of Allah, members of his household, his noble companions and all his true adherents till the Day of Judgment (Amin).


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